Pipelines Changelog: August 2022

Changelog and Release Notes for Classic

Features and enhancements

  • New setting for Pipeline Concurrency: 0 (maintenance mode) - documentation
  • Email notifications for successful and failed builds disabled by default for new users - documentation
  • Codefresh Classic integration with Codefresh Hosted GitOps - documentation
  • On-premises: New release of Codefresh Classic: v.1.2.12 (July 20, 2022) - documentation
  • Hosted runtime clusters upgraded to Kubernetes 1.22

Bug fixes

  • Codefresh Classic On-premises: Fixed critical vulnerabilities as of July 2022.
  • Resending email invitations results in “Problem sending invite” error.
  • Audit search for triggers returns error with no search results (Audit Triggers > Search).
  • Pipeline concurrency limit ignored periodically.
  • ”<” replaced by “<” when creating inline YAML for pipeline via Terraform.
  • Step Variables are not resolved in Hooks.