Run Codefresh pipelines in your own secure infrastructure

Codefresh has two different CLIs, one for Codefresh pipelines, and one for Codefresh GitOps.

Codefresh CLI
Interact with Codefresh through the CLI and:

  • Perform any UI operation
  • Create complex automation from your local machine
  • Create and run pipelines for complex use cases using the CLI within pipeline steps

For installation instructions and CLI command descriptions, see the CLI documentation.

GitOps CLI
Keep up to date with the latest features through the GitOps CLI.
The GitOps CLI is required to install GitOps runtimes. As several new features are available only with the latest GitOps CLI release, it’s important to have the latest one.
Upgrade is easy as you don’t have to keep track of the different versions. The GitOps CLI automatically checks its own version and prints a banner if there is a newer version.

For details, see Download/Upgrade the GitOps CLI.