Use JFrog Bintray/Artifactory with pipeline integrations

Configure JFrog Bintray/Artifactory as your Docker registry provider.
You need to get the API key for your profile, and the correct registry domain.

Passing Codefresh metadata to Bintray is supported through Grafeas. More info is available in this blogpost.

Set up Bintray integration

Before you begin

How to

  1. In the Codefresh UI, on the toolbar, click the Settings icon, and then from the sidebar, select Pipeline Integrations.
  2. Select Docker Registries and then click Configure.
  3. From the Add Registry Provider dropdown, select JFrog Bintray.
  4. Define the following:
    • Registry name: A unique name for this configuration.
    • Username: Your username.
    • API key: The API key you retrieved from your profile.
    • Domain: Your registry address, for example,, or Artifactory registry address, for example

JFrog Bintray registry settings

JFrog Bintray registry settings
  1. To verify the connection details, click Test Connection.
  2. To apply the changes, click Save.

Getting settings

To obtain information, follow the steps.

Find your API key

  1. Go to your profile.
  2. Select API Key from the side menu. API key API key

Find your registry domain

  1. Navigate to your repository, or add a new one.
  1. Copy the registry address. registry address registry address

Basic metadata upload

Codefresh automatically sets some version attributes in Bintray every time you upload a Docker image.

Basic Bintray metadata

Basic Bintray metadata

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