Jira notification integrations for piplines

Codefresh integrates with Jira in several ways:

  • Through the Jira integration for the highest visibility into your GitOps deployments
  • Through a custom step from our step marketplace so that you can connect your pipelines with Jira
  • Alternatively, through using your own jira-cli


Use Jira in your Codefresh pipeline

The step marketplace offers several freestyle steps that can be used in your Codefresh pipeline through steps.

One of those steps is the Jira Issue Manager.
It can be used to:

  • Create a Jira issue
  • Comment on existing Jira issues
  • Change the status of an issue, for example, once the build is successful
  • Add a description to your issue
  • And more

More information is provided Send notification to Jira example.

Using your own jira-cli

Alternatively, you can use your own jira-cli by adding the following steps to your Dockerfile:

FROM python:2-alpine
RUN apk add -U gcc musl-dev linux-headers openssl-dev libffi-dev && pip install jira-cli

And then running the Dockerfile.

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