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Codefresh and Argo in Perfect Harmony

Codefresh Argo Platform combines the best of the open source with our expertise as software delivery specialists.


Whether your enterprise needs 1 Argo instance or 1000, we can cover them all. Manage all of your Argo runtimes and deployments from a single control plane providing visibility of your entire code-to-cloud enterprise.


An Argo toolset with your enterprise security requirements covered with integrated cross-application single sign on, secrets management, and granular permission controls for workflow approvals.


Argo is the fastest-growing community in DevOps. Combined with Codefresh’s award winning support and our extensive internal testing, you will always have the care and support your enterprise requires.

Built on Argo

The fastest-growing, and most popular open source DevOps toolset.

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Argo Workflows

A cloud-scale supercomputer at your fingertips that provides the most powerful container-native workflow engine built for unlimited scale. It provides a seamless experience for operating parallel jobs with complex dependencies between tasks. Argo Workflows is cloud agnostic and was designed for flexibility within your unique Kubernetes environments.

Argo Events

The most comprehensive event-driven framework for Kubernetes. Tap into 20+ event sources to trigger or progress the tasks in your workflows. Argo Events has the capability to manage everything from the simplest events to real-time or multi-source events giving you the tools to set up a workflow stream that meets the demands of your enterprise.

Argo CD

The #1 GitOps continuous delivery technology for Kubernetes. Streamline your software delivery lifecycle with declarative configuration for secure and repeatable deployments. Argo CD will continuously monitor for configuration drift to keep your process auditable and easily allow you to identify and remediate potential problems.

Argo Rollouts

Benefit from the power of progressive delivery with Argo Rollouts. Native support for advanced deployment capabilities like blue-green, canary, experimental releases, and more give you the control and flexibility you need for your cloud-native apps. Integrate directly with ingress controllers and service meshes for fine grained traffic control as part of your release process.

Sophisticated Control Plane

Enterprise Management at Scale

Manage your Argo runtimes and all of your mission critical environments from a single control plane

Unrivaled Workflow Insights

Deep historical insights into executions of your workflows along with detailed feedback around troublesome runs

Deep Historical Trending

Monitor for trends with actionable data to help you streamline your software build and delivery process

Building with Open Source

Codefresh is dedicating engineering time every sprint to directly contribute to Argo as well as providing leadership for the future direction of Argo
As founding members of the GitOps Working Group, we are establishing a standardized approach to implementing GitOps and educating the community
With the explosive growth of Argo, it is long overdue for its very own conference hosted by Codefresh. Learn from the top enterprises out there using Argo in production

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