Manual deployments

Deploy to Kubernetes with the Codefresh GUI

First you need a Docker image to deploy to the cluster. If you don’t have one already you can use a Codefresh pipeline to build one.

Build and push your image

Here is a basic Codefresh pipeline scenario to build and push your image to the DockerHub registry.


version: '1.0'
    type: build
    image_name: '<your_docker_repo>/<your_image_name>' #specify your future image reference here
    dockerfile: Dockerfile
    type: push
    candidate: '${{BuildImage}}'
    registry: 'dockerhub' #the name of the registry you added to Codefresh

Run the pipeline and the container image will be pushed to Dockerhub.

Describe your deployment

The following instructions describe how to create a new service in your Kubernetes cluster in order to deploy to it.

  1. In the Codefresh UI, from Ops in the sidebar, select Kubernetes Services.
  2. Click the button Add Service.
  3. Select the cluster.
  4. Select the namespace.
  5. Type an arbitrary service name.
  6. Specify the number of replicas.
  7. Type the name of your pushed image.
  8. In the “Internal Ports” field specify the port which your application listens to.
  9. In the “Expose port” field specify the port to be exposed to the Internet and check the checkbox.
  10. Click the button “Deploy” to deploy the application.

Wait until the deployment is completed, and you can open the deployed application in your browser by clicking on the “endpoint” link.

Describe Kubernetes deployment

Describe Kubernetes deployment

Manage your Kubernetes cluster
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