Send notification to Slack

Connect your Codefresh pipelines to Slack

There are many ways to integrate Slack with Codefresh:

  1. Use the global slack integration
  2. Use individual pipeline plugins such slack-message-sender and slack-notifier
  3. Use simple POST requests with Curl, as explained in this article

Custom webhook to Slack

Use a container image with a freestyle step such as byrnedo/alpine-curl to send a notification to a Slack channel.

  1. Get the ${{SLACK_WEB_URL}} and put it in the Environment Variables or use shared configuration.

TIP To integrate with Slack, see

  1. Add the following step to your codefresh.yml:

slack step

  image: byrnedo/alpine-curl # curlimages/curl, or any other curl image
    - curl -X POST --data-urlencode 'payload={"text":"Test slack integration via yaml"}' ${{SLACK_WEB_URL}}

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