How to deploy to Kubernetes

Learn the different Kubernetes deployment options

Codefresh offers several options when it comes to Kubernetes deployments:

  1. Codefresh UI for on-demand deployments
    This is the easiest deployment option for Kubernetes. See our Kubernetes deployment quick start.
  2. Through a dedicated deploy step in a pipeline.
  3. Through the cf-deploy-kubernetes step in a pipeline
    Use this to also perform simple templating on Kubernetes manifests.
  4. Through a freestyle step with Kustomize.
    See Deployment with Kustomize.
  5. Using a freestyle step with your own kubectl commands
    This deployment option gives you great flexibility, but assumes that you know how to work with kubectl. See Custom kubectl commands.
  6. Using Helm as a package manager
    See our Helm deployment to Kubernetes quick start.

Prerequisites for all options

Manage your Kubernetes cluster
Environment dashboard