CI/CD quick starts

Check out our CI/CD quick starts to get up and running with Codefresh pipelines and deployments.

The quick start guides you through:

  • Creating a basic pipeline
  • Deploying to Kubernetes using different options
  • Deploying with Helm as the package manager for Kubernetes
  • Deploying different features to different demo environments

Provision Codefresh Runner or Cloud Builds

Based on your deployment model, start by installing the Codefresh Runner or enabling Cloud Builds.

Create a Codefresh account

Create an account in Codefresh in which to create pipelines.

Create and deploy Codefresh pipelines

  1. Create a pipeline
    Create a Continuous Integration pipeline using an example application.
  2. Deploy to Kubernetes
    Deploy an application to a Kubernetes cluster from the Codefresh UI, and set up an automated pipeline to redeploy the application whenever there are changes in the source code.
  3. Deploy to Kubernetes with Helm
    Use the Helm package manager to deploy the application to a Kubernetes cluster.