Update image tag for `codefresh-guestbook` application

You will now make a change in the codefresh-guestbook application manifest, and update the image tag. Because we selected auto-sync in the application settings, Argo CD detects that the live state in the cluster is out of sync with the desired state in Git, and triggers the new rollout.

Before you begin

Update image tag in rollout.yaml

Update the image tag in the codefresh-guestbook application.

  1. Go to the Git repo with rollout.yaml.
  2. Update the image tag from 0.1 to 0.2 as in the example below.
      app: codefresh-guestbook
      - image: gcr.io/heptio-images/ks-guestbook-demo:0.2
        name: codefresh-guestbook
          - name: http
            containerPort: 80
            protocol: TCP
  1. Commit the change.

View the rollout in the GitOps Apps dashboard

When the image tag is updated, the auto-sync initiates the rollout.

  1. Go back to the GitOps Apps dashboard.
  2. Select the application you created.
    The deployment entry for the application is displayed as progressing.

Application dashboard with rollout in progress

Application dashboard with rollout in progress
  1. To visualize the rollout analysis, click the rollout name.

Rollout analysis in progress

Rollout analysis in progress
  1. To view metric validation details, expand Background Analysis in the panel.

You have now created and deployed an Argo CD application in Codefresh.

What to do next

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