User Settings

Manage Email Notifications and API Keys

To access your individual user settings navigate to or click on User Settings on the left sidebar.

Email Notifications for Builds

In the part section of the screen you can choose what email notifications you want to be active. The options are:

  • Email address that will receive the notifications. By default it is the same address that you used for sign-up
  • Toggle for receiving emails of successful builds
  • Toggle for receiving emails of failed builds
  • Toggle for receiving emails only when your email was the Git committer

email settings

email settings

The last option is especially useful in big teams, where multiple people commit on the same Git repository.

Weekly Updates for Build Usage

Codefresh will send you every week a summary of your builds across your pipelines along with other statistical data. This information can be useful if you want to understand your overall project build health and capacity usage.

If you don’t want to receive these emails, you can disable them by toggling the checkbox and clicking the Save button.

Enable Access for Support Personnel

If you have an issue with the Codefresh platform, our support personnel can log into your account and look at running builds, inspect your docker images, run pipelines for you etc.

To allow for this kind of access you need to enable the checkbox marked with Allow Codefresh support team to login as my user under the Security section.

Allow access from support

Allow access from support

If you don’t enable this checkbox, our support staff have zero visibility in your account. You can enable/disable this checkbox on demand at any point in time.

All actions performed by Codefresh personnel on your account are audited and they will also confirm with you before performing any action with side effects (such as running a pipeline).

Git Provider Private Access

When you connect your Git provider during sign-up, you may choose to let Codefresh access only your public Git repositories.

To allow Codefresh to also add Git triggers on private repositories you need to explicitly enable it in this section.

Note that options available highly depend on what Git provider you are using with Codefresh.

API Key Creation

In this section you can create API keys so that you can access Codefresh features from your scripts or applications outside the UI. To create a new token click the Generate button as described in the API documentation page and select the appropriate scopes.

Generating a key for the API

Generating a key for the API

For each token you can also delete it or edit it and change its applicable scopes.

Note that tokens are visible only during creation. You cannot “view” an existing token. If you want to re-enable API access for an existing application you need to delete the old token and create a new one.