Use Docker compose

Launch a composition and define a service environment variable using a file

At times when launching a composition, you need to pass many environment variables to a specific service. To do so, you can use docker-compose 'env_file' field on any service, and use files from the current working directory from which the composition is being launched. This works for both composition and launch-composition step types.

When launching a composition directly from the Compositions view, using env_file does not work as it is being launched in an empty working directory.
Consider moving the composition launch as part of a usual pipeline which will give you ability to use files from your cloned repository.


Compositions are launched within a working directory, which is the cloned repository by default. This means that you can always reference an env_file just as would reference a docker-compose file.

Inline Composition

version: '1.0'

    title: Launch inline composition
    type: launch-composition
    environment_name: 'environment name'
      version: '3'
          image: alpine
          env_file: ./env-file

Composition from file

version: '1.0'

    title: Launch composition from file
    type: launch-composition
    composition: './docker-compose.yml'
    environment_name: 'environment name'

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