Support Ticket Examples

Easily create support tickets for bugs & feature requests using our templates


Use the example templates below to create support tickets for bugs/issues, feature requests, or general questions you might have.

Support Template: Issues/bugs

Use the following template to create a support ticket for bugs/issues.

What is currently happening?

A sentence or two that describes what’s happening now.

What are the expected results?

A sentence or two that describes what you expected to happen.


A detailed description of this issue.

If the issue is related to Hybrid Runtime, please gather the Support Package and attach it to the ticket.

Support may sometimes need to impersonate your user to understand the issue and troubleshoot. To enable impersonation for your user, please navigate to User Settings. Under the Security section, select the check box for Allow Codefresh support team to login as my user (all the operations made by the team will be audited) and save the settings. Please let support know if you have enabled impersonation.

How to reproduce

A step-by-step guide on how to reproduce this issue.


Describe the business impact of this issue.

Support Template: Feature requests

Use the following template to submit feature requests.


Describe your feature request.

Current Workflow

Describe the current process/ workaround you have in place due to this feature not being implemented yet.


Describe why you need this feature and the impact of this feature request when implemented.

Support Template: General

Use this template for general questions you have, not related to an issue or feature request.


Add your question here.


Add background information on your question. Add links or any details that will help in understanding the question above.

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