Release Notes: April 2024

Release Notes for Codefresh Pipelines and GitOps

Features & enhancements

General: More power to Global Search & Navigation

We’re excited to announce major enhancements powering our Global Search & Navigation:

  • Actions through Search
    Execute actions using search or keyboard shortcuts:
    • Run a pipeline: Search to navigate to a specific pipeline, and then use the R and N shortcut keys to trigger that pipeline.
    • Refresh an application: Search for the application you need, and then use the R and F shortcut keys to instantly refresh the application.
    • Sync an application: Within an application, use the S and Y shortcut keys to open the sync dialog.
  • Quick navigation
    • Integrated link to app-proxy logs
      We’ve introduced App-proxy logs as a new navigation item. You can now type App-proxy logs to access a list of GitOps Runtimes. From there, simply select a Runtime to view its app-proxy logs in the online terminal.
    • GitOps Runtimes for admins
      Type GitOps Runtimes and click to go directly to the GitOps Runtimes page.
    • GitOps Permissions for admins
      Type GitOps Permissions and click to go directly to the Permissions page.

Global Search & Navigation: app-proxy logs

Global Search & Navigation: app-proxy logs

Pipelines: Explore build relationships with Build Tree

Introducing Build Tree for easy rendering of relationships between pipeline builds! Seamlessly visualize complex parent-child-sibling relationships within the context of your selected build, simplifying pipeline monitoring and management.

Pipeline builds: Build Tree view

Pipeline builds: Build Tree view

In addition to the effortless visualization, other key benefits include:

  • The selected build as an anchor reference point to linked builds, indicated by the Current tag assigned to it.
  • Updated status for every build, with failed steps listed for quick alerting.
  • Quick access to essential actions without navigating away from the Build Tree, through the build’s context menu.
  • Single-click access to the individual build view for detailed insights.

For details, see Visualize build relationships for pipelines.

Pipelines: Monthly credit consumption usage by pipelines

We added a Usage per month table below the Credit Consumption chart.
This table provides build and credit consumption metrics by pipelines for the selected month.

Credit Consumption: Usage per month by pipelines

Credit Consumption: Usage per month by pipelines

Pipelines: More Pull Request events support for GitHub

Our integration with GitHub events is now even stronger with the addition of more types of pull request (PR) event triggers.

You can now trigger builds for the following PR events:

  • Pull request review approved
  • Pull request review changes requested
  • Pull request review commented

New pull request events for GitHub in Codefresh

New pull request events for GitHub in Codefresh

For details, see Git triggers for pipelines.

Usability: Entity names set to lowercase in breadcrumbs

A small but significant usability improvement, entity names are now consistently displayed in lowercase within the breadcrumbs.

Bug fixes

  • Incorrect Credits utilization: Credits Remaining versus Estimated Depletion.
  • Azure repos with YAML from repository settings throws TimeoutError: Connection to server has timed out error during trigger creation when listing repositories.
  • 500 error for BitBucket webhooks including deleted branches.
  • Queue-time metric reported to Datadog from Codefresh includes the duration of pending-approval steps.
  • Build failure for pipeline including mixture of regular and buildx parallel build steps.
  • Builds for Gerrit in Codefresh triggered twice.
  • CPU utilization for a pipeline build incorrectly displayed in the Metrics tab as 100% instead of the actual usage.
  • error URL using bad/illegal format or missing URL for git-commit steps when password includes special characters.
  • Deleting a managed cluster from a GitOps Runtime results in an empty list of clusters for the same Runtime.
  • Slow loading... message when selecting GitOps Apps option from sidebar.
  • GitOps Apps dashboard > Applications tab displays Unknown status for Argo CD applications.
  • Truncated Kubernetes Label names in the GitOps Apps dashboard when selecting More filters.