How To: Trigger Codefresh pipeline from Datadog webhook


You want to trigger the Codefresh pipeline from a Datadog alert.


  1. Open the Webhook integration management page in Datadog:


    From here you will first need to add a variable with your Codefresh user API key ( you can generate one here: User settings)

  2. Next, click the ‘New’ button in the Webhook section and fill in the required fields:
    • Name - The Webhook name
    • URL - The Run Pipeline API endpoint, example:<Project_Name>%2F<Pipeline_name>

      Note : the ‘/’ symbol in the pipeline name should be URL-encoded as ‘%2F’

    • Payload - The parameters and options, for example:

       "branch": "main",  
       "variables": {"foo": "bar"},  
       "options": {  
         "noCache": true,  
         "noCfCache": true,  
         "resetVolume": true,  
         "enableNotifications": true  

      The complete API call description is here: Codefresh-run

    • Custom headers - this will be used for Authentication. The headers in Datadog are accepted in JSON format only, for example:

       {"Authorization": "$APIKEY"}

      The APIKEY is a variable name containing the Codefresh API key you createdcearlier.

  3. Click Save to create a Webhook.

Now you can refer to this Webhook by its name (@webhook-<WEBHOOK_NAME>) on Monitor\Alert creation page in Notify your Team section, for example here: