Troubleshooting: Receiving “401 Unauthorized” when using the Helm step (1.1.8)


I am seeing a failure caused by the Helm step and when I look at the failure I am seeing something similar to the following:

Error: 401: unauthorized                                                                                                                                         
Error: Looks like "cm://" is not a valid chart repository or cannot be reached: plugin "bin/helmpush" exited with error                 
Reading environment variable exporting file contents.  



If you are using the latest version of the helm step or helm step version 1.1.8 you will need to set a fixed version in your helm steps to use version 1.1.7. This is a known issue and is currently being looked into for a resolution.

Here is an example of the workaround:

title: Storing Helm Chart
type: 'helm:1.1.7'
stage: test
  action: push