Glob expression on a trigger is not working


The glob expression that is set up for a trigger is not working correctly.


Cause Solution
You are using a single expression, but are encasing them in curly brackets {folderName/**} Do not encase them in in curly brackets. Instead use folderName/**

Curly brackets are only used for multiple expressions.
Incorrect syntax for negation expressions Proper syntax: !folderName/** for a single path, !{folderName/**,folder2Name/**} for multiple expressions. To match all files in a directory except for a specific pattern, use syntax folderName/!(fileToIgnore)**.
Changed files are in hidden directories Glob expressions will not match for hidden directories unless the directory pattern explicitly starts with ..

For example, to match for all files in all hidden subdirectories immediately under folderName, use folderName/.*/**.

Note that you will need an additional expression if you want to also match normal subdirectories under folderName.
List of actual changed files is different than expected Review the full webhook event payload either in Codefresh trigger audit logs, or in your git provider’s webhook event history. The payload will contain the full list of modified files for the specific event, exactly as given by your git provider.
Incorrect glob expression You can check your glob expressions with a tool to ensure the syntax matches the correct files.
Glob expression is correct; trigger is not starting builds for a different reason Try removing the glob expression filter to confirm if that’s the source of the issue.

Check your other trigger configs such as event types, target branch, etc.
Modified file glob expression is not supported for this trigger event type Support for specific events can vary between different git providers due to differences in the information they include in their webhook event payloads. Please refer to the documentation on modified files filters.

Support for BitBucket branch push is controlled by feature flags that may be off for your account. Please contact support if you would like to enable this.

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