Error loading config file .kube/config


Pipeline is failed with following error:

loading config file
"/codefresh/volume/sensitive/.kube/config": v1.Config.Contexts:
[]v1.NamedContext: Clusters: []v1.NamedCluster: v1.NamedClu ster.Name:
Cluster: v1.Cluster.Server: CertificateAuthorityData: decode base64: illegal
base64 data at input byte 0, error found in #10 byte of ...|-data":"-","server":|..., bigger context ... etc..


Kubernetes cluster was reconfigured or deleted from Account settings -> Integrations -> Kubernetes

  1. Go to your Account Settings. If you do not have access, please contact one of your team’s admins
  2. Check if there is a cluster that is used in your pipeline, if not, add it
  3. Trigger a new build with Reset pipeline volume