Codefresh runner: Enabling engine pod metrics


If you want to scrape the metrics from the Codefresh Runner to your existing Prometheus\Grafana stack you will need to enable the metrics in the runner engine pod.


You will need to add the METRICS_PROMETHEUS_ENABLED: 'true' environment variable in your Runtime Environment spec.

To make the changes in your Runtime Environment, you will need to use the Codefresh CLI.

  1. Get your Runtime Environment spec:

    codefresh get re <name> -o yaml > spec.yaml

  2. Modify\add the envVar section in runtimeScheduler in the downloaded file:

  3. Save the file and then patch your RE using the following CLI command:

codefresh patch re -f spec.yaml

Start a new build and check if you can scrape the metrics using port 9100 at the /metrics endpoint. The metrics in the dind pod should be enabled by default at the same port and endpoint.