Builds are stuck in pending


One or a number of builds are stuck in pending state.


  1. If you have reached your concurrency limit, any added builds will be put in queue.
  2. You may have placed a limit on concurrent runs for one specific pipeline or trigger
  3. A pending build is actually in a stuck state.
  • Confirm the amount of concurrent builds you have.
  • You can find this under Account Settings -> Billing.
    • If you have enough, ensure that you have set the appropriate runtime size for your pipeline to match your plan. These can be found under your Pipeline settings.
      • Pipeline -> Settings -> Runtime Pipeline size
  • Ensure you do not have a limit on concurrent trigger/pipeline builds.
    • You can find this under Pipeline -> Settings -> Policies Pipeline Concurrencies
  • Finally, check the earliest build stuck in pending.
  • If it is terminated or stopped, attempt to restart it.
  • If it is stuck in pending, or otherwise cannot be restarted, please reach out to our support team with details.
  • If the build is on a hybrid runner runtime environment, check for general issues (such as resource availability) on your runner cluster.