File not found from cloned repo


A file that is expected to be found is not found, or, Docker Build or other steps fail, stating missing file


Incorrect working directory set.

  1. Determine the name of your clone step. For most cases, it is clone
    • A note: If you are seeing a message in your pipeline editor stating that you have a default clone step, this hidden step is called main_clone.
  2. Add the working_dir: ${{clone}} attribute to your other steps (if your clone step name is not clone, replace it with your actual step name).

Notes This will ensure all steps are being run from the clone directory. You can change the value of working_dir as needed for your pipeline.

A special note on legacy and main_clone:

  • When using a legacy pipeline or using a step called main_clone, the working directory defaults to that step. This is considered deprecated.