Release Notes: May 2024

Release Notes for Codefresh Pipelines and GitOps

Features & enhancements

General: Custom auto-sync intervals for SSO

Previously, integration with different SSO providers allowed automatic user and team synchronization with Codefresh at fixed hourly intervals.

With our latest update, you can now customize the auto-sync intervals to better suit your organization’s needs.
The new options allow you to set the sync frequency in minutes or hours. Alternatively, you can enable auto-sync without defining a specific interval, and Codefresh will automatically perform the sync every 12 hours.

This flexibility ensures more timely updates and improved efficiency in user and team management.

For details, see Syncing teams in IdPs with Codefresh.

General: New platform IP addresses

We are preparing for an upgrade to our production cluster. While the upgrade is still a couple of months away, here’s an early heads up about changes in IP addresses.

We’ve added new platform IP addresses as listed below:


Please make sure to add them at the earliest to your allowed list. You can also find these IPs listed in Codefresh docs.

For details, see Codefresh IP addresses.

GitOps: Early access to Environments and Products

Codefresh is revolutionizing Continuous Deployment with our latest innovations: Environments and Products!
We are excited to showcase these features as a beta version. This is your opportunity to explore, try, and share feedback that will shape their future development!

Environments are designed to mirror your software development lifecycle. Organize your applications within Environments for a clear, contextual view of the entire application lifecycle, as applications move from development to production.

GitOps Environments dashboard

GitOps Environments dashboard

Products, another groundbreaking concept in GitOps, represent a cohesive unit of Argo CD applications. Bridging the gap between Argo CD applications and Environments, Products allow you to group similar Argo CD applications with different versions, deployed across various Environments.

GitOps Products dashboard

GitOps Products dashboard

Read our blog to explore on how they can orchestrate your deployments.

GitOps: Rollout enhancements

  • Templated arguments in AnalysisTemplates
    Codefresh now supports templated arguments declared in AnalysisTemplates for metric configurations in AnalysisRuns.

  • Rollout Player
    To make Rollouts easier to manage, we added the Abort and Retry buttons to the Rollout Player. These options were previously available for the Rollout resource in the Current State tab.

Abort & Retry in Rollout Player

Abort & Retry in Rollout Player

For details, see Manage rollouts for Argo CD application deployments.

Usability enhancements

GitOps: Breadcrumbs

We are improving the implementation of breadcrumbs for a smoother navigation experience. These enhancements are coming soon…so stay tuned for the announcement.

Sibling display and navigation
The end of the path now shows all sibling items if available.
Clicking the dropdown displays all siblings, and clicking an item navigates directly to it.

Viewing and navigating to siblings in breadcrumbs

Viewing and navigating to siblings in breadcrumbs

Clean copy
Clicking any item in the breadcrumb path now selects only that specific item, not the entire path, and also copies only that item.

GitOps: Shared Configuration Repo in Organization Information

As a usability enhancement, we have made it easier to locate the Shared Configuration Repository used by GitOps Runtimes.

You can now find the link to your Shared Configuration Repository directly in the Organization Information page.

Link to Shared Configuration Repository in Organization Information

Link to Shared Configuration Repository in Organization Information

Bug fixes

  • Changing LOGGER_LEVEL variable does not impact verbosity of engine logs.
  • For Gerrit, username of build initiator not displayed.
  • Usability issues when selecting clone pipeline option from UI.
  • GitOps UI does not show logs for pods.
  • Results for Analysis metrics not displayed in Rollout when using arguments from AnalysisTemplates.