How To: Update Trigger Git Context


You have created a new git integration with updated credentials, and need to update existing triggers to use this other integration.


Recreate the trigger

If you prefer to work through the UI, the solution would be to delete and recreate the trigger, selecting the proper git integration from the dropdown list when you define the new trigger.

Edit the trigger in place

If you would like to edit this trigger in-place rather than totally recreate it, you will need to do this through the Codefresh CLI or API.

To update the git integration on a trigger via CLI:

  1. Run codefresh get pipelines [projectname]/[pipelinename] -o yaml > pipeline.yml to get the pipeline spec yaml for the pipeline you need to update.
  2. In the yaml file, look for spec.triggers[].context:

         - name: myrepo
           type: git
           context: github-1
  3. Update this context field with the name of the new git integration you would like to use. Note that if there are multiple triggers defined on this pipeline that you would like to update, you will need to change this field under each individual trigger.
  4. Run codefresh replace -f pipeline.yml to update your pipeline.

Note This command can help you find the list of pipelines that reference a specific git integration in any of its triggers (requires jq):

codefresh get pip --limit 1000 -o json | jq '.[] | select(contains({"spec":{"triggers":[{"context":"YourGitContextName"}]}}) ) | {}' | jq -r '.[]'