Similar builds have different build times


Multiple builds that are similar take different amounts of time to run.


Different builds may have different caches. Initial builds may not have images or repository files cached. Cache miss may also happen in subsequent builds if the cache has been cleaned up since the previous build, or a specific volume containing the relevant cache data is not available to the build. The latter most frequently occurs if you are running many builds in parallel.

  • If it is the first build of this pipeline, a second build may improve performance.
  • If you have changed the image, it may not be cached.
  • If you believe that your cache has become corrupt or is otherwise slowing your builds down, consider resetting them in a manual build.
    1. Open your pipeline
    2. Click Run
    3. Expand Advanced Options
    4. Select the options to ignore Docker engine cache and Codefresh cache optimizations
    5. Run the build

Caching in pipelines
Disabling caching mechanisms