Pull request not building


Pull requests don’t trigger builds.


The trigger is not set up for pull requests.

  1. Open your pipeline
  2. Select Triggers
  3. Edit your Trigger
  4. Ensure the Any Pull request event and Pull request synchronized options are set
  5. Ensure that your permissions to the repository haven’t changed
  6. If applicable, ensure that Support pull request events from forks is toggled ON. Please refer to this documentation page for more details & some limitations on this option: Support for building pull requests from forks
  7. If using branch filters, be aware that for PR events the BRANCH field will match against the source branch name, and the PULL REQUEST TARGET BRANCH field will match against the target branch name.

If you have confirmed all the above and it is still not triggering, please include a link to your pipeline and details of your PR in a ticket to our team.

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