Monitor pod in CrashLoopBackOff state. “UNAUTHORIZED_ERROR” messages in logs


You see the Monitor pod in the CrashLoopBackOff state in your Codefresh Runner installation and there are similar errors in the pod’s log:

error: Request error: 401 - 401 - {"status":401,"code":"2401","name":"UNAUTHORIZED_ERROR","message":"Unauthorized","context":{}} 
error: Can't init agent. Reason: StatusCodeError: 401 - {"status":401,"code":"2401","name":"UNAUTHORIZED_ERROR","message":"Unauthorized","context":{}}  
error Command failed with exit code 1.


The Monitor component helps to get information from the “behind firewall” clusters to the Kubernetes dashboard here: and the same information about releases\services goes to Helm releases and Helm Boards dashboards. Any failures in the Monitor component don’t affect the Runner itself or any builds.

Most likely the API token that is used in the Monitor deployment is not valid. Probably the user who installed the Codefresh Runner in your cluster has deleted the API key from the account or the user doesn’t exist in your Codefresh account anymore.


To correct this you can edit the monitor deployment and modify the API_TOKEN variable at .spec.containers[].env with a new token :

kubectl edit deploy -n <runner_namespace> monitor

The token can be generated in your User Settings with the General scope in it.