Error building service when running pipeline


When attempting to start a build manually, an error appears: Error building service when running pipeline


A connection to the appropriate repository or YAML file cannot be made, or there is an error in the YAML syntax.

  • If you are using a legacy pipeline that references a Personal Git Provider, this is prone to happen.
    • This requires actions from Codefresh support to resolve. Please contact us by opening a support ticket and providing a link to the affected pipelines.
  • If using pipeline YAML from repository with an “Auto-Select Branch”:
    • If build is triggered manually, ensure you select a trigger that is associated to the Git repo containing this pipeline YAML.
      • Codefresh needs the information provided through a trigger to determine which branch to pull the pipeline YAML from.
    • Ensure that the branch you are using has the associated YAML.
  • If using in-line YAML:
    • Fix any errors indicated in the YAML editor.
    • If no errors appear, ensure that any steps referenced exist. For example, if you have working_dir set to ${{colne}} instead of ${{clone}}, this error can appear.

Notes If this still does not work, please open a ticket and include a link to the pipeline(s).