Amazon ECR

Codefresh has native support for interacting with Amazon ECR (Elastic Container Registry), to push, pull, and deploy images.

For general information on adding, editing, and deleting an Amazon ECR integration in Codefresh, see Container registry integrations.

Amazon ECR integration is supported only in hybrid runtimes.


Before you configure settings in Codefresh to integrate Amazon ECR:

Define the role in trusted relationships with Effect: Allow and Action: sts:AssumeRole on the EKS cluster.
For example:

            "Effect": "Allow",
            "Principal": {
                "AWS": "arn:aws:iam::XXXXX:role/eksctl-awscluster-ServiceRole-XXXXXX"
            "Action": "sts:AssumeRole",
            "Condition": {}

For detailed information, see How Amazon Elastic Container Registry Works with IAM and the AWS security blog.

Amazon ECR integration settings in Codefresh

The table describes the arguments required to integrate Amazon ECR in Codefresh.

Setting Description
Integration name A friendly name for the integration. This is the name you will reference in the third-party CI platform/tool.
All Runtimes/Selected Runtimes The runtimes in the account with which to share the integration resource.
The integration resource is created in the Git repository with the shared configuration, within resources. The exact location depends on whether the integration is shared with all or specific runtimes:
  • All runtimes: Created in resources/all-runtimes-all-clusters/
  • Selected runtimes: Created in resources/runtimes/
You can reference the Docker Hub integration in the CI tool.
IAM Role The name of the IAM role you defined with the specific permissions for authentication to the ECR.
Region The geographic region hosting the container registry. Define the region nearest to you.
Test connection Click to verify that you can connect to the specified instance before you commit changes.

Amazon ECR for image enrichment

Amazon ECR for image enrichment

For how-to instructions, see Configure container registry integrations in Codefresh and Edit/delete container registry integrations in Codefresh.

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