Codefresh 2021: Year In Review

Codefresh 2021: Year In Review

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Codefresh has a very clear mission to enable enterprise teams to confidently deliver software at scale. We are incredibly grateful to our customers who are succeeding with deployments to the cloud, on-prem, and at the edge. Codefresh is powering critical software delivery for some of the world’s most popular gaming and media companies as well as regulated environments in hospitals, at banks, and for defense. So this post is dedicated to all of you who have enabled Codefresh to grow!

In 2021, Codefresh more than doubled our employee count, announced a new platform, delivered new features, ran several conferences, and expanded in every way imaginable! Read on and celebrate some of Codefresh’s biggest wins from the past year.

Successful GitOpsCon and the very first ArgoCon!

Codefresh partnered up with the CNCF and others to create the GitOps Working Group and Open GitOps: an open software delivery standard. With our partners, we organized GitOpsCons in Europe and North America where they were the most popular co-located events at Kubecon. They featured speakers from amazing Argo Users and GitOps practitioners like Starbucks, Chick-Fil-A, Cern, Fidelity, Intuit, and many others.

ArgoCon ‘21 was a standout success with nearly 4,000 participants who gave the event 4.6 stars. You can catch the Codefresh Keynote on YouTube along with the rest of the event playlist.

Argocon Feedback

Our bet on Argo wasn’t just about technology; it was also about community. ArgoCon more than confirmed we made the right decision. For more Argo and GitOps content, take a look at these 70 blog posts, 5 ebooks, GitOps Certification, and dozens of conference talks and webinars.

Announced the Codefresh Software Delivery Platform

Building on the success of Codefresh GitOps, an enterprise offering built on Argo CD, we decided to quadruple down on Argo by building our new experience not just on Argo CD but on Argo Workflows, Argo Events, and Argo Rollouts. Codefresh currently has 11 active contributors on the Argo project, and we plan to more than double our contributions in 2022.

The Codefresh Software Delivery Platform brings all these tools into a single enterprise-ready platform that enables teams to:

  • Deliver software at scale by managing hundreds or thousands of deployment targets and applications
  • Get a secure, enterprise-ready distribution of Argo with built-in identity, RBAC, and secrets
  • Gain clear visibility across all deployments and trace changes and regressions from code to cloud in seconds
  • Get enterprise-level dedicated support for Argo deployments

Watch the video and, if you haven’t already, go request early access!

Gave back to the community with the launch of Codefresh Hub for Argo, Argo CD Autopilot, and the GitOps Certification with Argo

In addition to our work maintaining the Argo Project, Codefresh launched several new open initiatives.

Codefresh Hub for Argo

Speaking of the amazing Argo community, we noticed that many practitioners building on Argo Workflows get stuck rebuilding the same steps over and over again. Because Codefresh has experience running a user-contributed marketplace with hundreds of millions of executions, we wanted to bring that functionality to Argo Workflows. At Codefresh Hub for Argo, users can find, use, and even contribute their own Argo Workflow Templates. To get things started, we’ve added some of our most popular steps and we’re committed to bringing more and more. Best of all these templates are tested and certified to not only work but also pass a thorough security review process.

These Argo Workflow templates can be used in the open-source version of Argo Workflows or right inside the Codefresh Software Delivery Platform.

Argo CD Autopilot

Argo CD is incredibly flexible but this sometimes leaves users wondering how best to organize their repos, how to promote changes between environments, and how to bootstrap, update and recover Argo CD itself. To solve these challenges we launched Argo CD Autopilot. Autopilot is a GitOps friendly way to set up, operate, and maintain Argo CD. It creates a scalable structure for your git repos, can handle disaster recovery, and is just a joy to use. You can watch a demo here or read the docs.

GitOps Certification for Argo

GitOps Certification with Argo

If you’re new to GitOps or Argo we have just the thing! Get certified for GitOps with Argo with our amazing course. We already have thousands of students and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Certification is fully GitOps compliant and is currently offered free of charge. This deal may not last as it includes environments to make it easy to deploy and run everything.

Released Tons of New Features

Even with a new experience in Codefresh Software Delivery Platform announced, we didn’t slouch on adding new features to the platform. For a full review, check out the changelog. Here are a few highlights:

Codefresh More than Doubled our Employee Count

Lastly, as Raziel is fond of saying: it’s all about the people. Codefresh celebrated hiring more people in 2021 than total employees at the end of 2020. Among our many hires, we added industry veteran Moran Goldboim to lead a new dedicated product organization. Yes, that means we more than doubled, and if GlassDoor is any indication with our dozens of 5-star reviews, we’re crushing it! BuiltInSF actually named Codefresh one of the best companies to work for in the bay area. Truly, we are a hybrid company with a healthy mix of people in and out of the office with virtual and local happy hours and events happening all the time.

You can be part of it! We’re hiring and looking for talent everywhere.

Codefresh has an incredible culture built by dedicated and talented people from a wide range of backgrounds. Diversity was a key initiative in 2021 with women now making up 46% of our employees in the US and 31% of employees globally. This remains important, we want everyone to feel welcome and increase representation within our teams. Speaking of our global team, our many remote workers are supported by offices in Mountain View, CA, Salt Lake City, UT, Tel Aviv, Israel, and Vinnytsia, Ukraine. It seems like not too long ago we were working out of a house in the suburbs.

So, kick back, have a drink and check out some of our team highlights from 2021. We’ll see you in 2022 and can’t wait to share the future of software delivery with you! CHEERS!

Codefresh Zoom party with magic
Lots of zooms for hybrid teams and on-site get-togethers as pandemic conditions allowed.
Flowers for the team
Flowers for the team
Codefresh Volunteering
Codefresh volunteering
Customer success
Customer success
Amazing team
Amazing team
Happy hour
Happy hour
Codefresh in Tahoe
Representing Argo at Kubecon LA
Engineering leadership delivers more than just software.
Engineering leadership delivering more than software
Boating activity
Graffiti art project
Graffiti art project in the park
Codefresh SuperWomen.
Codefresh SuperWomen.
Codefresh leadership team

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