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We’re a talented, curious group of individuals from diverse backgrounds who share a common goal: making developer's lives simpler.

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Codefresh team

A few things you should know about us.

What we're about


Customer Obsessed

At the end of the day, everything we do is for our customers and users. If we can make engineering teams more effective, we can make a meaningful difference at companies across the globe.

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Extreme Ownership

When everyone takes responsibility, we all win together. We celebrate our victories, learn from our failures, and empower individuals to do amazing things.



We play as a team, believing that valuing diverse viewpoints and opinions makes us stronger. Core to this is listening, respecting, and just plain having fun together.

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Whole heart

We all strive to do the best work of our lives. We’re here on a mission to increase time, save money, and reduce stress on engineering teams and organizations across the globe.


Why Codefresh?

Codefresh is at the bleeding edge of GitOps with big investments into Docker, Helm, Kubernetes. We help engineering teams be successful.

The Codefresh platform provides end-to-end container lifecycle management and enables enterprises and startups alike to immediately benefit from microservices and container-based technologies. Based in Silicon Valley and Israel, Codefresh is backed by M12, Microsoft’s Venture Fund, Carmel Ventures and other world-class investors and is being used by dozens of companies such as IronSource, JFrog, and HPE to rapidly build, test and deploy applications.

We truly embrace diversity and have a global workforce that is only getting bigger. Codefresh employees have unique opportunity to create the next-gen platform that will change developer’s lives and the way we build applications in the future.


“One of the greatest advantages of working at Codefresh is being part of a highly talented engineering team working on the cutting edge technology stack, exploring new areas, and delivering the best product.”

Oren Gurfinkel
Maya Mandelbaum

“I always feel that I’m growing aside Codefresh. The company culture promotes open dialogue and exploring new ways to improve on everything. I still feel confident trying new ideas and exploring new processes, knowing I’ll get support no matter what. The team is awesome, and it’s no wonder I come in every morning smiling and full of energy.”

Maya Mandelbaum
SDR Manager

“I love the company culture at Codefresh. They prioritize their employees and encourage us to be creative. I am part of a team that works together and supports one another. We have company happy hours and workout sessions that always put a smile on my face. Working for Codefresh has been a breath of fresh air.”

Becca Teller
Field Marketing

“Codefresh has got it all! People who are family, technology that is superb, and customers who are partners and share this great vision with us. But what I LOVE the most is how each and everyone truly looks at Codefresh as a family, and family is all about taking care of each other :)”

Oriel Belzer
Director of Sales, Americas

“There is a ton of opportunity to grow at Codefresh. I personally have learned in two months what other people have learned in 3 years! There is a lot of freedom and trust at Codefresh, along with a great team. What you read about Codefresh online sounds awesome and is actually happening. There is so much opportunity at Codefresh, it’s fantastic, now is the time to jump in”

Noga Shemer

“Codefresh is a company you can grow with that will invest in you. My skills have grown so much faster here than they ever would have at my last job. I am constantly learning, and working on interesting projects, and that is why I can’t imagine working anywhere else

Itai Gendler
Chief Architect

“At Codefresh, we are making engineers’ lives easier by obstructing a lot of complexity so a developer can focus on delivering their code to production. But we do not restrict the customization and configuration our users have. At the end of the day, I am building a tool I would want to use as a developer and I get to do DevOps for a DevOps company, how cool is that?”


“Codefresh has a strong feedback culture that gives you pride and builds teamwork. And at the end of the day, the feedback my team gives me, makes me better at my job.”

Anais Urlichs

“It’s rare to find a company that not only has a great product but good people too. My teammates are great people I can interact with, talk to, be friends with. Communication comes very naturally when the team is really a team. And as far as the product is concerned, it helps our customers do what they do, better. I understand what it solves and really believe in it. Like I said, it’s rare to find a place that has both a stellar product and team. Codefresh has it all.”

Oriel Belzer
Director of Sales, Americas

“The human factor at Codefresh is very noticeable. Most of the people I work with I consider friends, not just coworkers. They inspire me. They support me. They teach me. Codefresh really values teamwork, and I love being a part of a team that is so hands-on and customer focused. I truly believe I work with, not just the most talented people in the industry, but some of the nicest people too.”

Oren Gurfinkel

“I have not stopped growing as a backend developer since I started working at Codefresh. I have gained responsibility and ownership over my projects and have learned how to plan with my team, saving time along the way. I also love that at Codefresh we are constantly learning from one another. It’s refreshing to work with a team that is not afraid of new ideas or different opinions.”

Team Leader

Let's do great things together.

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