Codefresh and AWS

Get your application from source code to production faster with Codefresh and AWS

Codefresh is the world’s most modern CI/CD platform with lightning fast builds, unrivaled deployment insights, and progressive delivery. Codefresh’s platform includes CI/CD pipelines, GitOps Deployment tooling powered by Argo CD and Argo Rollouts, as well as enterprise management of Argo Workflows and Events. Codefresh’s dashboard provides insights and improved observability for reduced downtime and faster resolution of issues.

Why Codefresh and AWS?

  • Deploy to EKS from your pipeline

    Codefresh has native integration with EKS clusters both for deploying containers and monitoring them after the deployment for full visibility starting from the Git commit up to the running service.

  • Monitor your EKS cluster status and services

    See the status of your cluster. Check your Kubernetes resources and events. Correlate the services deployed with source control commits and easily rollback to previous releases right from the Codefresh UI

  • Inspect your ECR artifacts and metadata

    Connect your ECR and push images to it from your Codefresh pipeline. Add extra metadata to your image. Store your test reports on S3 buckets and get full historical access on your software quality

Deploy your Code to AWS

Save time by deploying your cloud application to AWS using configurable pipelines. Use Amazon ECR for your artifacts and deploy to Amazon EKS or any other Amazon services (e.g. EC2, Lambda, Fargate).

Install the Codefresh Runner on AWS

Run Codefresh pipelines in your Amazon account to give your organization complete control over the execution environment.

How Does Codefresh Support AWS?


Deploy applications to EKS or run pipelines inside your cluster (even behind the firewall)


Push container images and inspect your tags and releases. Easily create Pull secrets to your EKS cluster


Store any kind of data or artifacts. Use the native support for test reports from your unit and integration tests


Configure any AWS resource by simply inserting the AWS CLI image in a pipeline step and run any aws command.

AWS Lambda

Deploy your function to AWS Lambda with the dedicated Codefresh plugin

AWS Fargate

Deploy your container to AWS Fargate with the dedicated Codefresh plugin


Deploy your container to AWS ECS with the dedicated Codefresh plugin

Ready to Get Started?
  • safer deployments
  • More frequent deployments
  • resilient deployments