Meet a Codefresher

Orli Remez

I put people front and center in both my life and in my profession, and I’m proud to bring that mindset to Codefresh.

Jenny Blekh

You know you're in a good spot when you actually WANT to go into the office, even when it’s optional. I feel so lucky to be surrounded by some of the best people I've ever met.

Kostis Kapelonis

The first KubeCon I participated in made me realize the amount of effort each vendor spends on preparation. Seeing the other side and being an active part in the booth was a thrilling experience!

Paul O’Reilly

My favorite thing about working at Codefresh has got to be the people! The technology itself is awesome, but the people are incredible!

Tyson Tiatia

I have good memories of Codefresh parties from KubeCon and other events.

Guo Zeng

Everyone is working remotely but we still organize a lot of fun games.

Dustin Van Buskirk

I really enjoyed traveling to Tel Aviv to meet our engineering team.
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