Meet a Codefresher

Kostis Kapelonis

The first Kubecon I participated in made me realize the amount of effort each vendor spends on preparation. Seeing the other side and being an active part in the booth was a thrilling experience!

Paul O’Reilly

My favorite thing about working at Codefresh has got to be the people! The technology itself is awesome, but the people are incredible!

Sharon Chitayat

I really wanted to move into a position where I could focus on exercising my creativity. That led me to apply for the Field Marketing Coordinator role at Codefresh, and here I am!

Hyrum Hilario

I love the impact you can have day to day. For example, if you have an idea, leadership will let you run with it. If successful, you can see it implemented at a larger scale.

Megan Clark

I love the fun activities and happy hours we have, as well as the flexibility of remote work. I spend all day with my two golden retrievers, and that to me is truly living the dream!

Carmelle Blech

The energy in the company is so fun! I feel that I can always turn to anyone, whether it’s asking for help or just to chat.

Anthony Rozario

Every get-together is well-thought-out and every care package we get feels like a mini Christmas!

Michelle Fogwell

There is such an emphasis on people and connecting to one another, even on a global level. I love the culture, the empathy between colleagues, and the events and happy hours!

Hannah Seligson

Everyone is passionate about the product and the industry. We all collaborate and help each other out.

Nichole LaRue

Codefresh feels like real people. We get to know each other, even though we’re working remotely.

Tyson Tiatia

I have good memories of Codefresh parties from KubeCon and other events.

Guo Zeng

Everyone is working remotely but we still organize a lot of fun games.