Level Up Your CI With GitOps

The perfect feature balance between open source ingenuity and enterprise continuous integration experience.

Awaken the Power of Argo for Continuous Integration

Optimized for modern-day CI workloads and flexible enough for critical machine learning and data workloads anywhere you need them.

Secure Workflows Behind the Firewall

Tame the complexity of managing secure workloads with an agent that keeps your critical data and secrets safely behind the firewall.

Shared Pipelines

Make it easier than ever for your team to get started with powerful workflow templates and reusable declarative pipelines.

Unparalleled Scale

The only CI solution that can be trusted to scale to the needs of today and whatever tomorrow brings.

GigaOm GitOps Radar

Codefresh is an innovative fast-mover and a leader in the GitOps space.

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GitOps Certification

Teams who adopt GitOps deploy more frequently, have fewer regressions, and fix bugs faster.

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Argo Workflows Optimized For Continuous Integration

Leveraging years of experience building enterprise CI solutions to deliver groundbreaking traceability, ease of use, and error tracking.

Complete Traceability

Understand the complete picture of your software build processes with powerful CI insights. We automatically correlate your commits, pull requests, builds, project management issues, images, and deployments.

Delivery Pipelines

A seamless blend of the best capabilities of Argo Workflows and Events with the tools to get started quickly and easily share pipelines and integrations with other team members.

Comprehensive Workflow Validation

The most advanced Argo YAML validation engine will ensure your syntax, workflow references, and even service accounts directly on your clusters are valid, all while providing inline autocomplete.

How Does Codefresh GitOps CI Compare to Argo CI Community Version

As Argo Proj maintainers, Codefresh believes in helping teams scale on Argo with our award-winning customer support, and tools designed for enterprise teams.

Workflow Creation Wizard
Advanced YAML Validation
Workflow Templates
Workflow Performance Metrics
Image Traceability
Secret Management
Open Source

How It Works

A modern architecture built for enterprise teams that need stability and end-to-end visibility of their software builds.

GitOps First

A modern solution built on GitOps principles where every action is a commit. This ensures every step in your software build process is backed by declarative configuration for ultimate control and flexibility.

Enhanced Workflow Creation

Get started quickly with our pipeline creation wizard or a premade workflow template. We automatically commit it to your repository to help your team establish repeatable best practices for your builds.

End-to-end User Interface

A modern way to create, view, and troubleshoot builds with an intelligent correlation of all build-related activities allowing you to visualize your entire build process without any blind spots.

Advanced Workflows

We know pipelines can get complicated and we have you covered with support for complex parent and child workflows as well as the ability to preview the shared inputs and event interactions.

Fully-Integrated Software Delivery

Fully-integrates Argo Workflows, Argo CD, Argo Rollouts, CI/CD, Security, and more.

Integrates With the Tools You Already Love

Bring your favorite ticket tracking, security, monitoring, testing, CI, or any other kind of tool. Codefresh is designed to seamlessly integrate and expose key information from these tools in your DevOps dashboards.

Unified Interface for Argo

Codefresh is the easiest way to use the entire Argo suite of tools with integrations between all the tools to provide better visibility with actionable intelligence.

Bring Your CI, or Use Ours

Codefresh's CI is POWERFUL, but if your goal is just to start implementing GitOps deployments and you have thousands of pipelines, don’t let us slow you down. Codefresh integrates with 3rd party CIs like Jenkins and Github Actions natively.

Trusted and Powered by Codefresh

"I would describe Codefresh as the holy grail of CICD solutions. It's Kubernetes focused and uses GitOps."

Bryan Lokey

Director of Engineering, Kandji

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"We had more Jenkins errors in a week than we have Codefresh in a year."

Stacey Snyder

Senior Director of Engineering, Recurly

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"We're saving about 40% and we're able to deploy all of our services through Codefresh."

Joe Grabenstein

Senior Infrastructure Engineer, Crux

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"Everything just worked out of the box"

Renato Stoco

Principal Engineer, Pismo

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