Codefresh is joining Octopus Deploy to create the most powerful Kubernetes CD, GitOps, CI, and Argo platform

Codefresh is joining Octopus Deploy to create the most powerful Kubernetes CD, GitOps, CI, and Argo platform

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Today marks an important milestone as Codefresh joins forces with Octopus Deploy, a leading player in the Continuous Delivery space. For those less familiar with Octopus, they have been at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge Continuous Delivery for VMs, Windows, and recently stepped into Kubernetes as well.

It has been over 9 years since Oleg and I founded Codefresh in 2014. Throughout our journey, we have steadfastly adhered to our vision of simplifying software delivery, realizing how software is disrupting every aspect of life and aiming to play a key role in enabling it. What sets us apart, though, is not just our innovative platform but also the amazing culture and values we’ve cultivated. Joining Octopus is not just a strategic move; it’s a meeting of minds and values.

Codefresh is better with Octopus Deploy

Last November at KubeCon, while showcasing our new GitOps capabilities for environment management and promotion I had the chance to meet Paul, the founder and CEO of Octopus Deploy. It quickly became clear that we both shared the same vision and enthusiasm for making software delivery simple, scalable, and reliable. We started from different places. Octopus Deploy built a strong presence in VMs and the Windows market with the recent addition of Kubernetes offerings. On the other hand, Codefresh has been solely focused on cloud-native and GitOps tooling. But now we’ve arrived in the same place.

In talking with Paul, we realized that bringing these platforms together would allow us to deliver a standard for continuous delivery that could enable organizations to standardize and automate deployments for every kind of application. Over coffee, we discovered we have a lot more in common than a shared vision. Our companies’ culture and values were almost identical. The more we talked, the more it was obvious that I wanted to work with this person. Working together will not only benefit our users and help us accomplish our mission faster but we will enjoy the journey as well.

Every Octonaut I’ve met has only reinforced that we share a common DNA and culture. Every meeting between Codefreshers and Octonauts reinforced that we could be one team with one vision. 

What does it mean for our customers and community?

Our commitment to customers remains unyielding. This merger will not only allow us to accelerate our roadmap but will also open new avenues for continuous delivery automation for every application: “from heritage applications in data centers, multi-cloud, and hybrid IT infrastructure to containerized, cloud-native applications.” As Paul said in his blog post.

As for our vibrant open-source and Argo communities, you can expect even greater contributions as we expand training and certification and welcome more maintainers from our combined teams.

A look towards the future

Our work is just getting started. It is however a moment to pause, celebrate and thank everyone who has been part of this journey so far. My co-founders Oleg Verhovsky who founded Codefresh with me over 9 years ago and Dan Garfield who joined to launch the company shortly after.  My leadership team and every Codefresh employee now and over the years. Our investors, who supported Codefresh along the way, and some who are coming with us in this next chapter. As a first-time founder, the biggest lesson I’ve learned is that It all starts and ends with people.

Today is an exciting day, and I can’t wait for tomorrow. 

In the meantime, I would encourage you to read the announcement and Q/A we have prepared.

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