Q&A What you need to know about Codefresh joining Octopus

Q&A What you need to know about Codefresh joining Octopus

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We have some great news! Octopus Deploy has acquired Codefresh in a strategic investment to combine forces in creating the best CD and CI platform. Octopus Deploy is a leader in continuous delivery, especially for VMs and Windows with recent additions for Kubernetes while Codefresh has been wholly focused on cloud-native applications. Together, our goal is to deliver a holistic platform that will help standardize and scale your Build and Deployment processes across ALL applications. 

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I’m currently implementing Codefresh, how does this change things for me?

It doesn’t! The Codefresh platform isn’t going anywhere, it’s a big reason why Octopus acquired us. You can confidently keep deploying, building, and creating with Codefresh.

Can I expect new features in Codefresh?

Absolutely, in fact we’re getting ready to show off some amazing improvements to environments and app promotions at ArgoCon and KubeCon next month. You won’t want to miss it. We’ll also continue to add new features to CI, GitOps and other parts of the platform as usual.

Do I need to sign a new contract? 

  • No new contracts are needed for active contracts. 
  • We are working through the timeline on when Octopus Deploy will need to be onboarded as a new vendor and will give plenty of notice. 

What does it mean for the CI module? 

We will continue to maintain, improve, and support it for our customers just like we have been. Our vision and intention are to bring together a full CI/CD & GitOps platform that can help customers at all stages of their Software delivery journey. 

Will Codefresh continue to be available as a standalone product?

We plan to continue to add features and maintain Codefresh as normal. As we look at combining our platforms, we don’t expect any disruptions or big migration tasks. Keep building on Codefresh!

How will it impact the licensing model/pricing?

  • We do not anticipate any major changes to our pricing models in the next 12 months and all contracts and pricing are still in effect.
  • As always, we will notify our customers with plenty of time before we make any major changes. 

Who will be the team that will support us moving forward? 

  • SLAs, Support and CSM teams will stay as is and will be supported by Codefresh experts. 
  • If anything, we could have more members join to help us support both customers better. 

How will customer data be handled and secured during and after the acquisition? 

We do not plan to make any changes to our Data Management Processes. 

What does this mean for the Argo Project?

  • No open source license or distribution model changes to Argo Project
  • This is great news for our open-source projects like Argo, we believe we’re going to be able to contribute and invest more. 

For all other questions

Please reach out to your account team or email [email protected]

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