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CI/CD Reinvented

Learn how engineering teams use Codefresh to streamline their CI/CD workflows and deploy microservices to Kubernetes, Serverless, ECS, and more.

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Sama Hover Skillshare Steelhouse TBS GoodRx logo Monday.com Somos logo Eight Sleep Logo

"We're saving about 40% and we're able to deploy all of our services through Codefresh."

"Everything I've come to expect from a CI/CD tool comes out of the box, and the interfaces for it are very easy to customize."

"The initial configurations were easy, and after the initial setup, no more maintenance. It just works."

We took a lot of time evaluating new solutions to move away from Jenkins. And after looking to all available solutions in the market, Codefresh was the only one that had the requisites that we needed, such as the integrations with other open source software and metrics.

"I would describe Codefresh as the holy grail of CI/CD solutions."

"It just works! It's about stability. It's about reliability and having pipelines that work with a very high success rate."


“GoodRx reduces pipeline deployment time by 50%”

As well as speeding up our pipeline, Codefresh has enabled us to improve performance, enhanced our security, and reduced latency.

“Codefresh has quite literally changed the way we work, and the results are incredible.”

When their legacy tech stack started slowing down software delivery, Codefresh helped reduce friction and accelerate how fast this social gaming company delivered value to their players.


"Codefresh gives us the flexibility and extensibility to meet our current requirements, and anything else we come up with in the future."

By customizing Codefresh to its own needs, Skillshare got just the CD platform it was looking for.

"Increased build speeds, a game-changing debugger, a UI that is easy to navigate - Codefresh has it all!"

Looking for greater scalability than its previous monolithic solution offered, Sama turned to Codefresh. The company was delighted by the range of additional benefits that came along with it.

Why a leading customer service platform switched to Codefresh to streamline Kubernetes deployments

With high profile brands as customers, high uptime and a fast, reliable deployment process is critical. See how Codefresh helped them achieve this and more.

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"Full integration with Kubernetes clusters, and extremely fast builds."

"We’ve seen a 6-12x improvement in test run times after migration. Our normal integration/unit tests went from 20-30 minutes to 5 minutes on average."

"We had more Jenkins errors in a week than we have Codefresh in a year."

"Every day, every minute we are facing Jenkins problems."

"Codefresh lets us deliver on the promise of what Kubernetes was supposed to be"

"Our app has always been on Docker, and we wanted our CI to match"

ParkHub uses Docker and wanted an easy-to-use CI to match