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  • Up to 5 developers
  • Up to 1 Argo Runtime
  • Includes
  • Unlimited deployments & builds
  • 1 week data retention
  • Community support
$ 49 USD per month per developer
  • Up to 15 developers
  • Up to 2 Argo Runtimes
  • Includes Community features, PLUS:
  • 1 month data retention
  • SLA Guarantee
  • Standard support
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  • Up to unlimited developers
  • Up to unlimited Argo Runtimes
  • Includes Team features, PLUS:
  • 6 month data retention
  • Single Sign On
  • RBAC
  • Optional Enterprise support
All plans include
Centralized management of Argo, Git, logins, and secrets
Unified interface for code-to-cloud visibility
Argo component intercompatibility testing
Rigorous security validations
Extended functionality to manage application lifecycles
Key native integrations for software delivery workflows
Traceability from source code to artifact to endpoint
Integrate project management into the release lifecycle

Customers who love deploying with Codefresh

Codefresh Enterprise is loved by companies doing healthcare, defense, finance, retail, and more. Designed for scale, enterprise-grade security, and including award-winning 24/7 support.

"As well as speeding up our pipeline, Codefresh has enabled us to improve performance, enhanced our security, and reduced latency."
Andy Chan - Principal Architect - GoodRx
"Increased build speeds, a game-changing debugger, a UI that is easy to navigate - Codefresh has it all!"
Mathieu Frenette - Sr. Software Engineer - Sama
"We've seen a 6-12x improvement in test run times after migration. Our normal integration/unit tests went from 20-30 minutes to 5 minutes on average."
Ethan Fremen - SE5 - Hover
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