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  • Up to 5 developers
  • 1000 cloud credits per month


  • Modern CI & CD pipelines
  • Advanced build caching
  • Hybrid build & deployment runtime
  • Unlimited hybrid builds
  • Highly available hosted Argo runtime
  • 1 week data retention
  • Community Support

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  • Up to unlimited developers
  • 1000 cloud credits per month (easily purchase more)

Includes Team features, PLUS:

  • DORA metrics
  • Live application dashboard
  • Secrets management
  • Performance monitoring integration
  • Single sign on
  • Flexible RBAC
  • Audit log
  • 6 month data retention
  • Full on-prem support
  • Enterprise support
All plans include
Centralized management of builds, deployments, Git, logins, and secrets
Unified interface for code-to-cloud visibility
Integrate project management into the release lifecycle
Rigorous security validations
Extended functionality to manage application lifecycles
Key native integrations for software delivery workflows
Traceability from source code to artifact to endpoint
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Customers who love deploying with Codefresh

Codefresh Enterprise is loved by companies doing healthcare, defense, finance, retail, and more. Designed for scale, enterprise-grade security, and including award-winning 24/7 support.

"I would describe Codefresh as the holy grail of CI/CD solutions. It's Kubernetes focused and uses GitOps."

Bryan Lokey

Director of Engineering, Kandji

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"We had more Jenkins errors in a week than we have Codefresh in a year."

Stacey Snyder

Senior Director of Engineering, Recurly

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"We're saving about 40% and we're able to deploy all of our services through Codefresh."

Joe Grabenstein

Senior Infrastructure Engineer, Crux

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"Everything just worked out of the box"

Renato Stoco

Principal Engineer, Pismo

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