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Supercharged GitOps software delivery with argo and Git-first deployments.

Add a Cluster and Start Deploying

Hosted GitOps is the fastest way to get started deploying with Argo CD. When you’re ready to scale, the GitOps Control Plane is here for you.

Hosted Argo CD

Every Codefresh account comes with a free hosted GitOps instance powered by Argo CD so you can focus on deploying your applications rather than managing tools.

Easy GitOps Deployments

Our developer-friendly UI generates Git commits and takes the guesswork out of deploying applications and with all config written to Git.

Zero Management Overhead

It's as simple as adding target clusters and their apps. Don't worry about updating, user-management, or permissions, we have you covered.

GigaOm GitOps Radar

Codefresh is an innovative fast-mover and a leader in the GitOps space.

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GitOps Certification

Teams who adopt GitOps deploy more frequently, have fewer regressions, and fix bugs faster.

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Unlock the Full Power of Argo CD and Argo Rollouts

Enterprise-wide build and deploy dashboards with extensive DORA metrics that help you supercharge your engineering velocity.

GitOps First Operations

Developers often feel like they have to choose between the friendly Argo UI, or writing all their config declaratively in Git. Codefresh takes a different approach with all UI operations generating git commits so developers don't have to choose between user-friendly and declarative.

Deployment Analysis

Be confident in your deployments with end-to-end traceability that is automatically correlated on every commit for insights into thousands of applications.

Progressive Delivery

A modern solution powered by Argo CD with enhanced Canary and Blue/Green deployments for real-time analysis and intelligent rollbacks.

Supported gateways for canary and blue/green traffic routing

Ambassador AWS ALB Istio NGINX SMI Linkerd

Coming soon

Ancdonal EPIC Apache APISIX Contour Glood Edge 2.0 Google Kubernetes Engine HAProxy Ingress HashiCorp Consul Kong Kuma Traefik

How Does Codefresh GitOps CD Compare to Argo CD Community Version

As Argo Proj maintainers, Codefresh believes in helping teams scale on Argo with our award-winning customer support, and tools designed for enterprise teams.

World-Class GitOps Operator
Progressive Delivery Support
GitOps UI/UX
CI/CD Integration
DORA Metrics
Insight integrations (JIRA, PR, committers, etc)
SSO & Security
Control Plane
Max Application Support*
Open Source

The Universal Dashboard

Deploy more. Identify the root cause of failures faster.

Answering the most important questions about software delivery, minute by minute.

Understand software changes and their impact

Filter and search deployments, apps, environments, artifacts, Jira issues, and more across all GitOps instances correlated with the entire software delivery chain automatically.

Control rollout progression

Take control of canary and blue/green deployments with our intuitive UI and health checks, pause, proceed, and roll back with valuable insights.

Rollback easily

Change introduced failure? Save debugging for later and roll back in a click with every step tracked in Git.

Integrate Argo CD with CI

When viewing a deployment all related workflows are automatically linked and vise-versa so it's easy to trace deployment issues back to their origin.

Track Software Delivery Efficiency with DORA Metrics

GitOps CD automatically tracks critical DevOps metrics at the account, team, and application levels. We're so confident adopting GitOps CD will make your teams more productive, we automatically track the results. Research shows that organizations who lead in these metrics, lead in their industries.

Deploy Frequency

Top engineering organizations deploy more frequently and deliver more value to their customers and outperform their competitors.

Lead Time to Change

Faster lead times mean less time waiting for new features and bug fixes, ultimately making users happier.

Change Failure Rate

Monitoring how often introducing changes causes failure is critical to understand the effectiveness of development processes along with testing and deployment strategies.

Mean Time to Repair

Software organizations that deploy more frequently have high confidence in not only avoiding failures, but in recovering from them quickly, ultimately reducing daily deployment risks.

Securely Scale with the GitOps Control Plane

Codefresh's zero-trust, hybrid architecture makes it easy to manage GitOps agents no matter where they are, while providing clarity for the entire software delivery process.

Trusted and Powered by Codefresh

"I would describe Codefresh as the holy grail of CICD solutions. It's Kubernetes focused and uses GitOps."

Bryan Lokey

Director of Engineering, Kandji

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"We had more Jenkins errors in a week than we have Codefresh in a year."

Stacey Snyder

Senior Director of Engineering, Recurly

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"We're saving about 40% and we're able to deploy all of our services through Codefresh."

Joe Grabenstein

Senior Infrastructure Engineer, Crux

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"Everything just worked out of the box"

Renato Stoco

Principal Engineer, Pismo

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