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Leave the past behind with a next-generation CI/CD platform built for cloud-native apps with flexible builds, progressive delivery, and everything in between.

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“Codefresh gives us the flexibility and extensibility to meet our current requirements, and anything else we come up with in the future.”

Adam Hawkins
Director of Site Reliability Engineering, Skillshare.

  • Powerful, Fast, and Simple CI Pipelines

    Level up your build pipelines with enhanced caching, advanced parallelization, flexible triggers, and deep integrations with your favorite tools.

  • CI/CD Observability Reinvented

    Codefresh’s dashboards make it easy to track every code, configuration, or environment change to your application during the build and deployment process.

  • From Kubectl to GitOps Enlightenment

    Codefresh provides a powerful and intuitive framework for everything from traditional deployments to GitOps with progressive delivery powered by Argo.

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Continuous Integration

The easiest way to build powerful Kubernetes native pipelines at any scale.


Faster Developer Feedback

Significantly reduce the time your developers spend waiting for software to build and complete test cycles with an advanced multi-layer caching algorithm and expansive test suite parallelization.

faster deployments seen by developer teams.

DRY Pipelines

Cut your pipelines from hundreds to a handful with a truly DRY CI/CD approach. Codefresh separates the event trigger from its pipeline, making it simple to create pipelines shared between many similar repos, massively reducing maintenance, bringing standardization, and improving reliability.


Container-Native Step Marketplace

Codefresh has tons of built-in steps for most common use cases to make creating pipelines easier than ever. Need to do something uncommon? You can run any programming language in a container as a step and even save it to a private step marketplace for unparalleled flexibility. With live pipeline debugging and interactive step breakpoints, building pipelines has never been better.

Continuous Delivery

Unleash your developers and increase your deployments from monthly
or weekly to daily with reliable, fully automated continuous delivery.


A New Dimension of Observability

Empower your developers with critical insights without forcing them to become operations. Track every change to your application with Codefresh’s code-to-cloud dashboards making it incredibly easy to find the root cause of failure so you can recover quickly and predictably.


Unrivaled Helm Support

Managing, deploying, and tracking Helm releases has never been better. Codefresh has flexible pre-built steps that help you manage Helm actions and release dashboards with customizable environments for comprehensive visibility into your releases.


GitOps & Progressive Delivery

Codefresh extends the ease and universal compatibility of Argo CD and Rollouts with enterprise visibility, tracking, and health checks. Dramatically reduce the impact of change failure with canary and blue/green deployments.

faster deployments are seen by teams that adopt GitOps.
DevOps Professionals Love Us

Our CI/CD platform is purpose-built to empower DevOps teams to deliver software faster and with higher quality. We’re honored that top DevOps experts consistently rank us a G2 leader and choose us for their CI/CD needs.

GitOps with Argo

Don’t compromise your CI/CD process by choosing a tool that isn’t ready for the future.


GitOps Control Plane

Codefresh can support your software delivery on any cluster across any number of Argo runtimes. Easily connect dev teams with the resources they use regardless of instance or location with powerful dashboards that unite all your deployments across your entire organization. This makes gathering key insights and tracking software delivery effectiveness possible at every level of your engineering organization.


Zero Maintenance, Zero Frustration™️

Hosted GitOps is the fastest way to get started deploying with Argo CD. Click one button and your hosted Argo CD is up and running in seconds so you can focus on delivering applications rather than managing tools. When you’re ready to scale on your infrastructure, the GitOps Control Plane has you covered.


GitOps First

Start with a solution that is endgame ready and built from the ground up for GitOps. Every GitOps interaction in Codefresh results in a commit to a repo that creates declarative configuration. Codefresh is also home to the best place to get started with GitOps with the world’s most popular GitOps Certification.

Modern CI/CD Architecture

Fully-integrated CI/CD architecture with your favorite tools, clouds, and capabilities covered.

Any Infrastructure – Any Cloud

Codefresh is cloud agnostic and fully supports your on-prem infrastructure, so you can be sure that you have the freedom to choose the best infrastructure and tools, now and in the future.

Secure Pipelines Behind the Firewall

Running secure workloads has often required teams to choose legacy tooling with limitations. With Codefresh, deploy the build runner behind the firewall, and all your data stays behind the firewall. It’s the ease of SaaS without the security headache.

Built for Developers

Codefresh has an award-winning user experience, but we also know that many engineers either require or prefer to automate the tasks behind the scenes. We designed Codefresh from the start to support every interaction through a robust API or CLI call.

How Does Codefresh Stack Up
Traditional CI/CD
Unified CI & CD
Word-Class GitOps Operator
Hybrid Architecture
DevOps Intelligence
Optimized for CI/CD Pipelines
DORA Metrics
GitOps Creation Wizards
Enterprise Control Plane
Correlated CI & CD Insights
GitOps Control Plane
Progressive Delivery
Scaling and Security
SSO & Security

Trusted and Powered by Codefresh

“I would describe Codefresh as the holy grail of CI/CD solutions. It’s Kubernetes focused and uses GitOps.”
Bryan Lokey
Director of Engineering, Kandji
“We had more Jenkins errors in a week than we have Codefresh in a year.”
Stacey Snyder
Senior Director of Engineering, Recurly
“We’re saving about 40% and we’re able to deploy all of our services through Codefresh.”
Joe Grabenstein
Senior Infrastructure Engineer, Crux
“Everything just worked out of the box”
Renato Stoco
Principal Engineer, Pismo

Our Customers Love Us

70 reviews
Ruben Hakopian
Ruben H.
July 6, 2022
“Codefresh solves one of the most challenging issues with running CI/CD pipelines – usability.”
Apart from a stunning and easy to use UI and packed with tons of features, we liked how Codefresh works with containerization and Kubernetes in mind. Another helpful capability was the ability to define custom steps that can be reused in numerous pipelines. That significantly simplifies building custom pipelines (especially if following GitOps like pattern). Even though Codefresh was very well documented, we also got tremendous help from support. The team was very responsive, both for the free and paid plans.
Satish B.
April 6, 2021
“Ideal choice for CI/CD for any project”
The most helpful feature I loved about Codefresh is how easy it is to connect your project from Github and how automated it can get with running the builds. Using it for work makes everything so much easier to track because as soon as a change has been committed a build is run and we get instantly get notified about the status of the build. Another very helpful part is the documentation which is amazing, and I found it very detailed.
Scott M.
July 30, 2021
“Best CI/CD Platform on the market – if you’re using kubernetes, use codefresh”
Codefresh pipelines make sense. The YAML configuration and project/pipeline layout are very intuitive, and their documentation is overall pretty great. The pricing model is simple and upfront. Pipelines and steps are very customizable, and running them with conditionals or parallel makes them super customizable. The web interface is excellent for writing proof of concept pipelines and testing them; then, you can commit them to a repo and tie the source to a branch to have it sourced from your repo. Secrets management is a breeze, and being able to pass in different shared configurations based on what git triggers fire is beneficial in creating simple pipelines. Connecting to k8s is well documented, and I quickly added the necessary configuration into my terraform code to have it be part of my infrastructure as code. Having the configuration profiles available at all steps is very convienent. Their sales and support teams are great and very responsive to feedback and concerns.
Codefresh is The Best Place for Argo

“GitOps is the best thing since configuration as code.”

– Kelsey Hightower, Principal Engineer, Google

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