Codefresh 2022 – Year in Review

Codefresh 2022 – Year in Review

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Code, features, pull requests, code reviews and so much more! 2022 has been a year of dramatic growth and change for Codefresh. Join us for a review of the year! As companies that build software, you rewarded Codefresh with healthy revenue growth throughout 2022 because you’ve told us progressive software delivery remains a critical investment and top priority. We continued our mission to streamline software delivery with the best CI/CD tooling, developer experience, and deployment tools possible and you loved it! Users called Codefresh the “Best CI/CD Deployment tool”, and a “Cool SaaS CI/CD platform”. You called out its ease of use, the flexibility for working with Terraform, doing GitOps, and of course the best way to use Argo. You can read the reviews yourself on G2.

We look forward to continuing to enable your success delivering software in 2023 and beyond!

How the Codefresh Platform Grew in 2022

In 2021, Codefresh’s CI/CD pipelines were popular for their speed, efficiency, and the unique ability to work with shared pipelines. Our CD tooling included Kubernetes and Helm dashboards, and support for working with containers, VMs, terraform, and just about everything else under the sun. We kicked off 2022 by launching a unified GitOps platform with a fully-integrated experience for building and executing pipelines, managing deployments, handling progressive delivery with canary and blue/green deployments, and enabling better traceability than ever before, all powered by Argo.

This expanded the capabilities and options for building and deploying software with Codefresh from the traditional, to the cloud–native, to the cutting edge. Whether you’re ready to fully embrace the future with GitOps, or just need to speed up your builds, Codefresh has you covered.

Major Features Added in 2022

You’re welcome to our full changelog but some highlights include:

  • Hosted GitOps – a fully hosted Argo CD with integrations into CI, JIRA, and much more
  • Streamlined integration between Argo Workflows, Argo Events, Argo CD, and Argo Rollouts.
  • Tunnel-based Runtimes – we host the endpoints so you don’t have to.
  • DORA metrics dashboards – automatically calculate and breakdown critical software delivery metrics.
  • Excellent canary and blue/green support with integrations for almost every metrics and loadbalancer
  • Performance improvements across CI pipelines, workflows, and GitOps dashboards.

Trained Over 16,000 Users In GitOps and Launched GitOps Champions Discord Community

Our GitOps Fundamentals with Argo CD, and GitOps at Scale with Argo CD courses have been incredibly successful. The content is fantastic and the learning experience is top-notch thanks to hosted environments that make it much easier to get into learning how to use GitOps to deploy and manage software. Each user gets their own Kubernetes clusters and lab environments so they can focus entirely on the content of the course. We’ve been very proud to offer this course free in 2022 and have had over 16k students with thousands of graduates.

The certification has been more successful than we could have possibly imagined! In order to keep investing in certification and growing the community we will be introducing a small fee for certification to cover our ongoing infrastructure costs. To keep sharing the love, we’re also announcing the #GitOpsForEveryone program that will allow anyone to donate free certification to organizations of their choosing. This could be for our charity partner Black Girls Code, or to a local university. If you’d like to help us provide more free training, please reach out and donate.

Held ArgoCon ‘22 and Graduated Argo Project!

Speaking of Argo, as most of you know Codefresh is a corporate maintainer of the Argo Project where our developers and engineering support staff engage to keep that project running smoothly, and growing with features, bug fixes, and community support. This year, we celebrated a major milestone, the graduation of the Argo Project. In order to graduate, we worked closely with the CNCF to complete security audits, improve project governance, complete end-user interviews, and improve the overall sustainability of Argo. Argo was unique in graduation because it is not a single tool but a collection of tools including Argo Workflows, Argo Events, Argo CD, and Argo Rollouts.

It’s no surprise that Argo has reached graduation after the amazing ArgoCon ‘22, the first ever, in-person ArgoCon. The playlist is available on Youtube.

Be sure not to miss Raziel Tabib (Codefresh, CEO) taking the stage with Thansha Sadacharam (Peloton, Tech Learning & Insights) for the keynote address.

Built an Incredible Team

Codefresh is a company with nearly 100 employees across four continents! As a truly cloud-native company, we found ways to celebrate our team on social media, and great activities. Here are some of the highlights.

Mountain View team volunteering with Second Harvest in the SF Bay Area

KubeCon 2023 in Detroit, Michigan Welcoming visitors in the Mountain View office

Axe throwing team building with some of our marketing team in the SF Bay Area

Purim party in our Tel Aviv office

Ping Pong tournament in Israel and Ukraine

Sand Surfing in the desert on an overnight trip with the Tel Aviv team

What’s Next for 2023?

Heading into 2023, we plan to streamline the entire software delivery experience both for developers as well as DevOps and infrastructure engineers. Because the Codefresh platform tracks all changes in git, as well as all connected environments, we’re able to coax insights and clarity that do not exist in any other platform. We plan to expand on this unique advantage with a relentless, user-first quest to remove every barrier to software delivery, streamlining everything end-to-end so our users can focus on what they love most, building and running great software for their users.

We’ll see you in 2023, and can’t wait to share with you everything we’re working on, and even more importantly, everything you build using our platform. Happy new year!


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