Codefresh Upends Continuous Delivery with Hosted GitOps Platform featuring DORA dashboards and first-class integrations for CI.

Codefresh Upends Continuous Delivery with Hosted GitOps Platform featuring DORA dashboards and first-class integrations for CI.

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Today we’re excited to make three major announcements. First, we’re making it easier to adopt the very popular Codefresh GitOps CD with a fully SaaS offering that is hosted and managed by Codefresh. We’ve heard from many in the community that they’d like to get away from managing Argo CD and focus just on deploying and managing their applications. Hosted GitOps CD makes it easier than ever to adopt GitOps, just create an account, connect your target clusters, and deploy.

Second, we’re announcing The Universal Dashboard with DORA metrics. User’s of Codefresh’s GitOps Control Plane have enjoyed being able to navigate across many instances of GitOps runtimes (an enterprise version of Argo CD/Rollouts). We’re greatly amplifying those capabilities with the Universal Dashboard by automatically pulling out critical metrics. The holy grail of DevOps metrics are DORA (DevOps Research and Assessment) which include deployment frequency, lead time for changes, mean time to recovery, and change failure rate.

Codfresh GitOps with DORA Metrics

Third, we’re releasing first-class integrations for 3rd-party CI providers starting with Github Actions and Jenkins. Codefresh CI, and Codefresh Classic CI/CD users already enjoy full integration into Codefresh GitOps CD which enables the traceability in the Universal Dashboard and a number of other critical visibility, and provenance integrations. Thanks to our new 3rd party CI support, organizations looking to get full value out of GitOps CD can integrate with their existing CI pipelines without any need to change them. This is critical for enterprise companies who may have 10’s of thousands of pipelines, and for small teams that don’t have the resources to consider a refactor. CI shouldn’t get in the way of fully adopting GitOps.

Hosted GitOps CD

GitOps is upending the old inefficient ways of deploying software. With drift detection, auto healing, and excellent tooling the root causes of downtime and security failures are often eliminated and teams adopting GitOps find they can deploy more frequently with fewer failures.

Codefresh GitOps was designed and released with scale in mind. Manage a large number of clusters, GitOps operators, users, and applications with clear visibility and traceability between all instances and better tooling for managing Argo instances at scale. Hosted GitOps takes the management aspect completely off the table. We leveraged Vcluster, and Crossplane under the hood to provide a secure and completely turnkey approach to GitOps. Free for small teams, and community projects, Hosted GitOps means all you need to do is connect a cluster and git repo to start deploying.

Best of all, Hosted GitOps comes with the same usability and best practices from our scale offering. Creating an application in the UI generates a git commit so the entire system is always bootstrap ready for quick disaster recovery and full traceability. While maintaining much of the flexibility of the community and enterprise versions, hosted GitOps makes it much easier to get the most out of the GitOps principles by taking an opinionated approach that scales and is easy to onboard.

Whether using GitOps CD in hosted, or hybrid mode, the progressive delivery tooling is consistent. Codefresh includes tooling to manage, and report on canary and blue/green deployments. Progressive delivery has been the goal of many engineering teams but has largely been inaccessible because of the setup required and difficulty in performing health checks. GitOps CD simplifies this entire process so anyone can get started with progressive delivery and scale.

The Universal Dashboard with DORA Metrics

Whether using GitOps CD hosted or hybrid with many instances users will enjoy the superpower of The Universal Dashboard. As users have adopted GitOps with Codefresh they’ve seen a big improvement on their DORA metrics but most organizations struggle to measure these key metrics effectively and don’t have processes in place. The Universal dashboard provides these metrics without extensive customization and setup.

Because Codefresh integrates tightly with git, CI providers, ticket management systems like JIRA as well as your deployment environments, are able to automatically start tracking these metrics at the application, team, and organization level. The Universal Dashboard goes beyond measuring DevOps health and allows teams to filter, search, and create views across all environments. This makes it easy to answer questions like, which of our 5,000 microservices were updated in the last 30 minutes? What deployments are associated with the JIRA ticket I’m working on? Where is this image currently being used across my entire organization? And much much more.

First class integrations for third party CI providers, starting with Jenkins and Github Actions

Users come to Codefresh because they want to enjoy the full benefits of GitOps. While it’s been possible to use Codefresh GitOps without CI in place, automated builds, tests, approvals, and other CI benefits, have a huge impact on the quality of applications deployed. Exposing the metadata, trends, and logs from CI systems as part of the deployment process makes it easier to perform audits, track down the root cause of failures, and maintain a high level of security.

By opening up Codefresh GitOps to integrate with 3rd party CI systems we can skip the work and overhead of converting CI pipelines so users can start enjoying the full benefits of GitOps and Codefresh dashboards without CI migration. Jenkins and Github Actions are just a starting point, we expect to release support for additional CI providers shortly and the integration is architected in such a way that it is relatively easy to add and maintain additional support. Bring your CI pipelines and focus on where you’ll get the most value: adopting GitOps to deploy applications.

Upending Continuous Delivery

Codefresh is ALL IN on GitOps and we’ve seen a huge response from the community. We truly believe GitOps is the future and enabling GitOps securely at scale ultimately leads to teams deploying software more frequently with greater confidence. All of the features we announced today will be available for existing users as well as new users for small teams and community projects. Get started today by creating an account and we’d love to hear from you!

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