Looking back at 2019 and why it was a great year for Codefresh

Looking back at 2019 and why it was a great year for Codefresh

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Like in 2018, now that 2019 is gone, it is time to look back and see all the major Codefresh features that were added over the past year. The highlight of the year was, of course, the world’s first live debugger for CI/CD pipelines, a feature that makes us really proud since it changes completely the way you create and analyze CI/CD pipelines.

Adding a breakpoint in a pipeline

In the first quarter, we added the manual approval step in pipelines, one of the most requested features from our customers. We also implemented the capability to run Codefresh pipelines locally. Another major feature that shows our commitment to CD (and not just CI) was also the Helm environment board.

Helm environment board
Helm environment board

A Helm environment board is a unique Codefresh feature that shows you clearly what version of your application is deployed on which environment.

In the second quarter (and especially the May launch), we completely revamped the way pipelines are linked with GIt repositories. With Codefresh you can reuse the same pipeline among different repositories, a best practice for companies that have already switched to microservices. The git-clone step now became a required pipeline step giving more flexibility on how pipelines fetch code from source control. We also unveiled our new pricing plans with unlimited builds.

In the third quarter, the major feature was service containers. Service containers changed the way you perform integration testing with Codefresh as you can now launch dependencies (e.g. databases or queues) right in the pipeline itself. Setting us apart from the competition, we also offer a handy mechanism for dependency order and database pre-population.

Our engineering team also focused a lot on performance improvements in that quarter. As more and more companies are using Codefresh we need to make sure that our SAAS platform is serving all customers even under stressful conditions. We made several changes to our backend, gaining benefits up to 15x in performance.

Performance gains
Performance gains

We closed the year with 3 major announcements:

The live debugger is one of a kind. While most CI solutions offer the basic SSH functionality (where you just inspect the files of the build node post-mortem) we offer an actual debugging environment that works exactly as developers know and love.

Debug session

Codefresh is now the world’s first CI/CD solution where you can actually place breakpoints on a pipeline. You can stop/resume execution in any step and get a live experience on the exact state of the pipeline.

We believe that the live debugger completely changes the way people develop their pipelines and can be a great tool for both developers and SREs in their day-to-day operations.

Some other notable features in 2019:

In 2020 we will continue our promise to unite both CI and CD for companies that are adopting Kubernetes and containers. We have already started our investment in Helm 3 for the respective Codefresh dashboards and we are adding more integrations in our steps marketplace.

Happy new Year!

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