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10 CI/CD Best Practices for DevOps Success

Following CI/CD best practices is critical for software engineering and operations teams because it impacts every part of the process. Improving quality, making engineers more productive, allowing businesses to shorten the time to deliver critical features and much more.

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CI vs CD: Differences, Similarities, and Best Practices

CI vs CD: Differences, Similarities, and Best Practices Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) are two practices at the core of modern software development. They are interconnected, yet distinct, approaches that aim to streamline and expedite software development and delivery.  CI is all about integrating and testing code changes frequently to maintain stability and […]

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The Software Deployment Process: Steps, Importance, and Best Practices

A software deployment process is a structured, systematic approach to implementing software solutions in a business environment. It is one of the stages in the software development process, which includes development, testing, deployment, and ongoing operations. It involves installing, configuring, and testing a software application to prepare it for operating in a specific environment. Software […]

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Kubernetes Deployment Examples: Create, Update, Rollback & More

What Is a Kubernetes Deployment? A Kubernetes deployment is a higher-level abstraction that manages the lifecycle of containerized applications using replica sets and pods. Deployments provide declarative updates for applications, enable automated rollouts and rollbacks, and maintain the desired state for the application. When an object is created in Kubernetes, the desired state of the […]

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