Join Codefresh, the container native CI/CD company

Join Codefresh, the container native CI/CD company

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Are you looking for your next opportunity? Do you want to join the team that is revolutionizing the CI/CD space using containers and Kubernetes? Now it’s your chance!

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A team of people that complement each other

We know that several companies refer to people as “resources” or “assets”. Not us! At Codefresh we refer to people as “people” because this is what our team is all about. Codefresh is a mixture of people with different areas of specialization that collaborate and co-operate in order to make our customers happy. We have several open positions, ranging from developers to product owners, so no matter your expertise you should feel welcome in our team.

A growing company with big ambitions

Even though Codefresh was created back in 2014, we are still a company where people call each other by name rather than title. The CI/CD space is booming and Codefresh is getting bigger, but even at this present time, you can join a company that will allow you to brush up your skills, learn new things and help us learn something from you. If you are tired of being just another cog in a faceless corporate organization, rest assured that at Codefresh we value you as a person with individual values, opinions, and suggestions.

We live and breathe DevOps

We love automation, pipelines, and infrastructure as code. We use Codefresh to develop Codefresh (eating our own dogfood). Unlike other businesses where DevOps is seen as a supporting role, at Codefresh DevOps IS our business. If you love the DevOps paradigm and want to work at a software house with like-minded people, then Codefresh is a perfect opportunity for your career.

We love distributed collaboration

Codefresh has offices in Mountain View, CA, Salt Lake City, UT, New York, NY and Tel Aviv, Isreal. We also have several remote people working from Boston, Denver, Toronto, Chicago, Greece, Belarus, Costa Rica and more. If you have the skills we need and the self-discipline to work remotely, we would gladly accept your application.

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