We’ve Raised $27 Million in New Funding, Here’s How We’re Investing It

We’ve Raised $27 Million in New Funding, Here’s How We’re Investing It

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Today we’re announcing a new round of funding that brings an additional $27M to help us invest in growing and building Codefresh. When we started, we wanted to revolutionize the way people build and deploy software with continuous integration and delivery. I’m proud to say that we were the first platform to see the game-changing value of containers and Kubernetes.

We not only built our platform on these technologies, but enabled our users to do the same. We again revolutionized the DevOps workflow last year when we launched live pipeline debugging, our integrations marketplace, and too many speed optimizations to count to make our platform the fastest CI/CD platform in the world. For our work, you rewarded us with incredible growth and Gigaoam recently recognized Codefresh as an outperformer in enterprise CI/CD.

Because we’re more than doubling our total funding (we’ve now raised $42M in total), I’d like to share our vision and the big bets we’re now making in 2020.

1) Investing in open source

We believe there are key technologies that we are uniquely positioned to contribute to and leverage to better support our customers. We will very shortly be sharing more detail about how this investment looks. Stay tuned.

2) Expanding on continuous delivery

With this new funding we will accelerate our efforts to bring CI & CD together allowing our customers to manage the complete DevOps automation from code to cloud. We’re building even more intuitive implementations of GitOps, Canary and Blue/Green deployments as well as seamless integrations with APM tools and more.

3) Doubling down on our best of breed approach vs. vendor lock-in

We know there are lots of great tools out there, our mission is to be the best CI/CD platform and to integrate with all your tools of choice. You should be able to pick the best git-provider, issue tracker, security scanner, testing tools, logging providers, cloud providers and every other kind of provider you can imagine. We believe users want choice, not vendor lock-in. Codefresh is a platform your entire team can come together on and collaborate regardless of other tool choices.

Bottom line: use your favorite tools and we’ll integrate seamlessly with them.

4) Enterprise grade security with the new Codefresh Runner

With the new Codefresh Runner we help organizations to run Codefresh pipelines behind the firewall without the hassle of managing a full on-premise solution. The Codefresh Runner is an easy to install agent that can orchestrate and scale the execution of CI/CD pipelines all behind the firewall meeting all of the enterprise security requirements your company may have. The Runner is security, flexibility and above all practically zero-maintenance.

Thank you again to all of our wonderful community, customers, and partners who are building world-changing software with our software. We love you, we are grateful to you and we look forward to continuing to serve you. It truly is an honor to share in your success. Stay tuned because there is so much more coming and fast!

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