2024 Is the Year of Software Delivery Reinvented

2024 Is the Year of Software Delivery Reinvented

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Since Codefresh launched our GitOps platform and Enterprise version of Argo CD and Argo Rollouts in November 2020, and extended that platform with Argo Workflows in March 2022 we’ve added numerous features, improved installation, management of GitOps instances, improved security, scalability, and so much more. Now, we’re helping our users scale software delivery across environments.

Our mission is to accelerate software delivery for everyone with GitOps and Continuous Delivery. We’ve already seen that as users adopt Codefresh and GitOps they deploy more frequently, have fewer regressions, recover from failure more quickly, and reduce the time from code to deploy. Over the last few months, we’ve launched a new way of deploying software with environment management.

Environment Promotion, Comparison, and Management with GitOps

Almost every team goes through the same flow for developing software. They develop a change locally or in dev, then push that change to staging, and finally to production after tests have run successfully. As they scale, they need to deploy to multiple environments, multiple regions, and with diverse networking needs. Today most teams solve this with a lot of manual scripting, complex network tunnels, and elbow grease. Teams that have adopted Argo will take advantage of application sets along with CI/CD pipelines to solve this. 

All of these solutions are not only a lot of work, but they don’t make it easy to compare or promote changes between environments. This is why Codefresh has added environment management. It provides the ability to model applications and changes across multiple environments regardless of their location, config management tools, or even which runtime is managing changes. 

Modeling promotions is also customizable! You can promote new image tags, environment variables, or any kind of configuration with a simple diffing model similar to Argo app diff customization.

Major Features Added in 2023

In addition to the game-changing features around environment management and promotion of applications. We’ve added a ton of features to make software delivery faster and easier than ever. 

  • Revamped Codefresh Helm Chart – and replaced the cli installer
  • Improved On Prem Experience
  • Okta and OIDC support
  • Gerrit Support
  • Numerous pipeline improvements for scalability, useability, and reliability
  • Improvements to git integration
  • And so much more!

See release notes for SaaS and On Prem.

GitOps Training And Certification

Codefresh’s GitOps training and certification is officially the world’s most popular training and certification according to the CNCF. In addition to the training, we launched the GitOps Champion community, which is open to everyone who takes the certification and training. As we’ve reached over 23k students, stay tuned because we’ve been investing in our training programs and we’ll have more to share soon!

Growth of the Argo Project

As maintainers of the Argo Project, one of the original creators of ArgoCon, and the first company to offer support and enterprise versions of Argo, we’re heavily invested in the project and have been very proud to continue our high level of contributions, especially in security, and drive the growth of the project. 

As a project:

2024 is the Year of GitOps Environments

The ability to model changes, diffing, and promotions of applications between environments is driving huge changes in software teams. It brings the entire software delivery process into one continuous flow with everything easily visible, verifiable, and driven by git. 

This March in Paris, we hope you’ll join us for ArgoCon and KubeCon where we’ll be demonstrating how to promote changes between environments, customize diffing between applications, do promotions with a drag ‘n drop as well as how to automate the entire process and create pre- and post-promotion workflows. 2024 is shaping up to be a very exciting year!

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