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Get GitOps Certified with Argo

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Codefresh has recently launched a new certification program that offers organizations and the open-source community a fast track to learning GitOps and how you can apply it to new and existing applications and infrastructure.

These certificates can be earned through 3 courses and a final exam. To begin, the GitOps subject will be broken down into 3 different courses:

  • GitOps Fundamentals
  • GitOps at Scale
  • GitOps at Edge

For all 3 courses, you can earn a certificate that will allow you to earn a final GitOps Mastery certificate to share with employers and your current organization to credit your new GitOps skillset.

The goal is to educate others on the standards and processes of the GitOps paradigm and enable the community to apply these principles and benefit from them. Teams who adopt GitOps deploy more frequently, increase their team’s productivity, automate rollbacks and remediate outages quickly and effectively by leveraging visibility thanks to their Git history within the source control system.

Course #1: GitOps Fundamentals

Currently, we are offering our first course, GitOps Fundamentals and you will learn the theory of GitOps and how to apply these practices to your own applications using ArgoCD, with and without Helm and Kustomize. You will also learn more about application health, synchronization methods, configuration options, and progressive delivery with blue/green deployments, canary, and Argo Rollouts.

Course experience

When you enroll in the certification program you’ll experience a sophisticated course that includes custom content created by Codefresh’s Evangelism team with a live, hands-on CLI, editor, and ArgoCD UI component.

ArgoCD UI component.

Creating ArgoCD applications.

Executing kubectl commands within the terminal with a live cluster.

The course will guide you through the GitOps workflow step by step, allowing you to use a real, live Kubernetes cluster with zero setup on your end. Codefresh takes care of the course content and your environment, allowing you to have an easy learning experience that you can even use on a mobile device.

Sign up and enroll

So, get started today! You can now enroll in our GitOps Fundamentals course and earn your GitOps Fundamental certificate.

This certificate is rewarded in PDF format and can be added to your LinkedIn profile and other social media outlets.

Please feel free to enroll and let us know your feedback!

Hannah Seligson

Hannah is a former developer advocate for Codefresh. She loves to create content that empowers devs with resources and tools.

13 responses to “Get GitOps Certified with Argo

  1. Mohammad Abusaa says:

    Great and thank you .

    When you will launch the rest of courses, I can see the fundamentals is live only ?

    1. Kostis Kapelonis says:

      Yes only fundamentals is now available. The next course should be ready at Q1 2022

      1. Please launch other courses soon waiting for it

      2. Yes please launch other courses soon

    2. Paul Usama says:

      What about the remaining two

      GitOps at Scale
      GitOps at Edge

      How do I enroll for both as well

  2. Vishwanath says:

    This course is awesome ????. Helps a lot learn gitops

  3. Shinto C V says:

    Thanks Hannah for this.

    I was looking to get some clarity regarding GitOps, obviously an exciting new way of doing DevOps.

    Looking forward to completing all the courses.

  4. Shinto C V says:

    There are a few criticism about GitOps. Will the courses address these?

    1. Kostis Kapelonis says:

      Hello. The first course is available and currently addresses some of the basic mechanics. You can signup and see exactly what it contains.

      Do you have any specific criticisms in mind that you would like to see mentioned?

      See also

  5. Savana Rohit says:

    Thank you for creating this course 🙂

  6. Velmurugan says:

    It says 50$. its not free course / cert for gitops fundamental

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