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Get Certified with Argo CD – Now at Level 2 with “Gitops at Scale”

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At the start of this year, Codefresh announced the first ever GitOps certification for Argo CD. The certification consists of 3 different levels covering GitOps end-to-end from beginning to end.

These are:

  • GitOps Fundamentals
  • GitOps at Scale
  • GitOps at Edge

With the launch of Level 1 (Fundamentals), we have seen an unprecedented interest from people that want to learn about GitOps resulting in over 10,000 students and 3,000 certified engineers!

The feedback we have received from all participants has been overwhelmingly positive, and of course a big part of the experience is the inclusion of the live labs:


For each live lab you get access to a real Kubernetes cluster created just for you with a real instance of Argo CD. This way you can practice all the theory of each course in a real environment and get to see how all pieces fit together in the most realistic way possible.

Today we are launching Level 2 of the certification – GitOps at Scale. This is an intermediate course for all people that have already finished level 1 and are now familiar with the basics of Argo CD.

Level 2 is all about scale and contains topics such as the following:

  • Git repository organization strategies
  • Multi-Cluster management
  • Apps of Apps and ApplicationSets
  • Promotions with Argo CD image updater
  • Hooks and sync/waves for deployment ordering
  • Diff customization
  • Notifications

These topics have been selected according to the community and the feedback we received from Level 1 students.

Note that “GitOps at Scale” is significantly harder than “GitOps Fundamentals” in all aspects (theory, exercises, examinations), and you are strongly encouraged to finish them in order.

On the other hand, this is a great opportunity to learn advanced scenarios for Argo CD deployments from the comfort of your browser (no local installation of Kubernetes needed).

Here is one of my favorite exercises that has a multi-cluster setup with one Argo CD management cluster and two external deployment clusters:

Multi-cluster Argo CD
Multi-cluster Argo CD

These are 3 different Kubernetes clusters on 3 different VMs with networking/DNS/Access already configured for you to learn about Application Sets and generators.

It doesn’t get any simpler than this!

Sign up and enroll

Like the previous course, “GitOps at Scale” is available in a self-guided pace. You can access both courses at

Get Certified in Argo CD
Get Certified in Argo CD

The certificate is rewarded in PDF format and can be added to your LinkedIn profile and other social media outlets.

Stay tuned for Level 3 of the certification!

Feedback from ArgoCon

We kicked off level 2 with a preview live training at ArgoCon and the feedback was excellent!

Become a GitOps Champion!

To help you in your journey to become a GitOps Champion, we’re also launching a brand new Discord for engineers, DevOps, SREs, and anyone else interested in delivering software with GitOps and Argo CD! To get your invite, just start the certification at

Kostis Kapelonis

Kostis is a software engineer/technical-writer dual class character. He lives and breathes automation, good testing practices and stress-free deployments with GitOps.

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