Codefresh Reports Unprecedented Team Growth with Addition of Three New Executives

Codefresh Reports Unprecedented Team Growth with Addition of Three New Executives

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Vidhya Vijayakumar, Head of Customers, Sasha Shapirov, VP R&D, and Ran Zaksh, VP Product, are the latest to join Codefresh’s global team

It’s been a productive few months for Codefresh, from securing $27 million in new funding and launching its hybrid cloud Runner to releasing results of a new DevOps survey and bolstering the global team. Today, the company announces three new hires – Vidhya Vijayakumar as Head of Customers, Sasha Shapirov as Vice President, R&D, and Ran Zaksh as Vice President, Product.

Vijayakumar most recently served as Customer Experience Operations Manager for Electric Cloud where she also served as a Technical Customer Support Engineer. In addition, she was Customer Support Operations Manager at Cloudbees. At Codefresh, she is responsible for all customer experiences and the impact on product innovation, which has been even more important during COVID-19.

“Since Codefresh is a big part of our customers’ lives, we have increased our touchpoints with them during COVID-19 to ensure a seamless experience,” Vijayakumar said. “Many of our customers in industries like healthcare and home improvement are thriving and have increased needs. When the pandemic’s impact on business ends, we hope that Codefresh will have the necessary advancements in place because our customers have accelerated their journeys and driven our progress forward.”

Shapirov joins Codefresh from ClickSoftware, a Salesforce Company, where he worked for more than 25 years in key engineering leadership roles, including: Vice President Product Security, Vice President Cloud Development, and Chief Architect & Engineer Group Manager.

“I was attracted to Codefresh because they have a great product and a bright future solving real problems for engineering and DevOps. They do that by providing intuitive, automated and visual products for headache-free deployment,” Shapirov said. “Since my main passion is providing solutions for customers and seeing them succeed using the products, it’s exciting to be part of this innovative, successful company.”

Zaksh started his career as a developer and consultant before taking on roles with high-growth startups. Before joining Codefresh, he served as Vice President Product for Contguard and as Head of Product Management for Consumer Physics, Inc. He also held Director Product Management roles at ironSource and Supersonic.

“It is quite impressive what the Codefresh team has done in terms of the product, traction and sales. In my previous role, I grew the product from the ground up. At Codefresh, I’ll be working with the team to grow products that are already up and running and ensuring we have the data and all the signals from the market and the users to help us make good decisions about how to move forward,” Zaksh said.

Vijayakumar will be based out of the Codefresh U.S. headquarters in Mountain View, CA; Shapirov and Zaksh are based out of Codefresh’s Tel Aviv, Israel headquarters.

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