Codefresh Insiders – May 2022

Codefresh Insiders – May 2022

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Welcome to Codefresh Insiders where we share exciting product updates, upcoming events, and more monthly. Since the official launch of our new platform earlier this year, we have had fantastic feedback from our customers. We have been busy implementing this feedback and much more, and we can’t wait to share some of this progress with you!

Codefresh is a GitOps Leader

In the latest report from GigaOm, Codefresh is an innovative fast-mover and a leader in the GitOps space. Customers love our GitOps features, and we continue to add capabilities that only a GitOps-first platform can provide. 

The Highlights

Home Dashboard

Giving you a complete picture of your runtimes, managed clusters, builds, and deployments with critical insights. You can easily filter these views and drill down for more details into any area of your software delivery process. Truly an enterprise-wide real-time display of your DevOps process.


Applications Dashboard

We continue to add insightful deployment information and filtering capabilities to make this the most advanced GitOps deployment dashboard available. For example, quickly filter by health status to automatically expand any applications with matching statuses or dive into the rollouts view for more information about your progressive deployment.


Application Creation Wizard

Create new GitOps deployments directly from the Codefresh UI. We help you generate the manifest, commit it to git, and sync it to your cluster—the easiest way to create a fully GitOps-compliant progressive deployment.


Managed Clusters and Ingress Controllers

At Codefresh, we know how important it is to coexist with your current environments. We have recently added more support for several popular ingress controllers like Ambassador, NGINX Enterprise, Istio, and Traefik. For more details, see Ingress Controllers.

In addition to ingress, you can now easily add any of your managed clusters. With a cluster added, you have complete visibility into the health and sync status of any applications deployed as well as the ability to manage them. For more information about adding managed clusters, see Managed Clusters.


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You Coming?

We’ve got lots of travel plans coming up – what about you? Drop us a note if you’re planning to come to any of these events. We’d ❤️ to see you. Check out our events page for more info.

5/9/2022 – 5/12/2022
Nobl9 SLOConf – Virtual
Conference covering topics at all levels, from introduction to SLOs to their practical application.

North American DevOps Group – Boston, MA
A place for practitioners and leaders interested in all things DevOps to gather, share ideas and make new connections in a fun and casual environment.

North American DevOps Group – New York, NY
A place for practitioners and leaders interested in all things DevOps to gather, share ideas and make new connections in a fun and casual environment.

5/18/2022 – 5/20/2022
KubeCon EU – Valenica, Spain
What can we say that hasn’t been said already? We’ll be at the usual: Cloud Native Rejekts, Argo Contributor Summit, GitOpsCon, our virtual booth, our in-person booth, etc. etc! But the list doesn’t end there – Take advantage of our giveaways and sign up to learn more about our secret happy hour with Upbound!

JFrog SwampUp – San Diego, CA
Get the big picture: with actionable tips, patterns and use cases to drive DevOps from the front lines with modern CI/CD, package management, software distribution, device update management, and security practices.

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Become the Expert

Deploy Microservices with GitOps
Microservices offer a robust and scalable architecture, but they unquestionably face many challenges and pitfalls. Learn how to use GitOps to reduce your deployment risk.

Argo CD Best Practices
It can be genuinely overwhelming to get started and build expertise with a new DevOps tool. See our best practices guide for the quickest path to GitOps enlightenment.

Infrastructure As Apps
Dan Garfield expands on an ongoing movement towards GitOps principles and declarative everything. After all, applications depend on more than just their code.

GitOps Benefits and Considerations
Learn how GitOps can solve many common software delivery challenges while providing detailed performance analysis for teams and projects with DORA metrics.

Hot Jobs!

Codefresh keeps growing, and we need more skilled individuals like yourself. Check out our careers page for the full list of all of our open roles.

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